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The Matrix Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Monolith

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'The Matrix Online' - New Patch Adds Features and Gameplay Improvements

by Rainier on April 1, 2005 @ 5:38 p.m. PST

Set in a virtual, persistent online universe in which millions of players around the globe can participate, The Matrix Online will feature cutting-edge graphics, real-time martial arts combat and a rich storyline that picks up where The Matrix Revolutions, the third chapter in The Matrix film trilogy, leaves off.

Version 7.3063

Fixes and Miscellaneous Changes

· Interlock performance has been improved.
· Bug causing the client to hang while Coding has been fixed.
· Many mission bugs have been fixed.
· Sister Margaret has agreed to stop changing into a pigeon.
· Bug causing the client to hang after character creation has been fixed.

New Features

· An in-game media player has been added. <>
· Character Inventories have been increased to 16 slots per page.
· Players can now adjust camera-control settings in the Options panel.

Abilities and Disciplines

· Strafing movements are now affected by movement enhancement upgrades.

Artificial Intelligence

· NPC AI has been adjusted to improve responsiveness to nearby players.

Camera and Controls

· Camera reaction to nearby objects has been improved.
· Mouse Turn/Mouse Look toggle hotkey now works correctly.
· Typing /keyboard will now open or close the Keyboard Bindings panel.

Game-Balance Changes

· NPC statistics have been adjusted for appropriate difficulty at high levels.
· Clothing items that gave overall Combat Tactics bonuses now have different bonuses.
· Ranged Tactics bonuses now only exist on shirts.
· Melee Tactics bonuses now only exist on pants.
· Items with reduced Tactics bonuses (Ranged or Melee) now have additional bonuses of a different type.
· Teleporting via Hardline no longer fully heals characters.
· Stun and Mez effects now include an Immunity timer.
· Stun effects now also cause damage.
· Mez effects now also reduce the target's Viral Resistance for the duration of the effect and immunity timers.
· Many Stun and Mez effects now have a reduced duration.

User Interface

· Players can now block incoming AIM messages from users not on their buddy lists. (This doesn't affect in-game players or users with AIM accounts.)
· Font size for macro icons has been reduced.
· Tutorial UI and functionality has been polished.
· Loading Area screens have gotten some cosmetic work.
· Mouseover popups for hotbar items now display under the character info window to avoid blocking the combat view.
· Hardlines not on a player's known list now have the Synchronize option for adding the Hardline to the list.
· Chat UI no longer gets repositioned after Teleporting via Hardline.
· More "first use" pop ups have been added to explain game features.

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