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Taito Selects Phoenix Technologies to Protect Game Software

by Rainier on April 13, 2005 @ 2:19 a.m. PDT

Phoenix Technologies and Taito Corporation today announced that Taito and Phoenix collaborated to create an open, secure Windows-based game environment by integrating Phoenix Technologies' Security Software Developer's Kit (SDK) into the Taito Type X game system platform.

Transition to the Windows-based, standard x86 board enabled a 10%-15% cost reduction, but the challenge then became how to prevent piracy. After reviewing various content protection technologies, Taito selected Phoenix Technologies' Core System Software and Security SDK.

"The integration of Phoenix Security SDK will allow Type X to meet its true potential as a secure, low-cost, expandable and powerful board. Migrating to standard PC boards from customized boards allowed not only a cost cut, but also allowed us to use a wide range of content development environments for our game software development," said Mr. Naito, General Manager, AM Development department, AM Business Division of Taito.

Phoenix Technologies' Security SDK provides programmers with easy-to-use developer tools that enable the integration of device authentication into their applications. Taito Type X operates on a specialized version of Windows XP, allowing game developers to cut both development time and costs in creating titles for the arcade board by using normal Windows development software. Developers won't need to learn specific details about new hardware because the board is based on standard PC architecture.

"Using Phoenix Security SDK, Taito was able to secure Type X by locking the game software to the device," said Michael D. Goldgof, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Corporate Marketing and Products Division at Phoenix Technologies. "This partnership demonstrates how application developers in need of content protection can leverage the Phoenix Security Framework on the x86 platform and go to market with a secure and cost-effective product."

The Phoenix Security SDK was created to enable software application developers to take advantage of Phoenix TrustedCore(TM) ROM-based secure storage features. The SDK allows application vendors to integrate Phoenix security technology into their software applications seamlessly to perform a wide array of security functions including content protection at the device level.

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