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Raze's Hell

Platform(s): Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: Majesco

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'Raze's Hell' (Xbox) Terrorizes Stores

by Judy on April 21, 2005 @ 8:34 a.m. PDT

Raze's Hell is a darkly comic third-person shooter set in a fantasy world overrun by fiendishly cute creatures, Raze's Hell follows the exploits of Raze, a monstrous anti-hero who takes a no-holds-barred approach to stopping an onslaught of adorable characters and restore his planet to its naturally ugly state.

Raze's Hell puts players in the role of Raze, a hideous-looking hero, whose purpose is to stop an invasion of adorable characters (known as Kewletts) and restore his planet to its natural ugly state. Raze goes to war against the Kewletts and begins gaining the respect and assistance of some of the other inhabitants of his planet. As he grows in power, he works his way closer to the capital of Kewtopia to uncover the truth behind the enemy takeover.

"Sugar and spice doesn't make everything nice as Raze's Hell uncovers how one person's utopia is another's dystopia," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. "Raze's Hell is a unique tale that will satisfy both hardcore and casual gaming audiences who are looking for something truly unique in a video game."

Raze's Hell highlights include:

  • 20 massive mission-based levels set in surreal alien landscapes;
  • Full Xbox Live support for up to 10 players across a variety of game play modes which enables players to compete against each other online, and utilize voice chat and friends lists;
  • Split-screen cooperative action;
  • Intense large-scale battles, intelligent AI that takes cover, sounds alarms and fights back;
  • Over 10 devastating organic weapons that mirror traditional military weapons, plus rolling, stealth and melee attacks;
  • Over 20 fiendishly cute enemies armed with such weapons as deadly jack- in-the-boxes, lollipop axes and even bunny rocket launchers;
  • Riotously grisly death scenes and devilishly fun mini-games;
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support.

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