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Typhoon Games' E3 2005 Lineup

by Rainier on April 22, 2005 @ 9:45 a.m. PDT

Typhoon Games today announced it is heading for the E3 and will have four titles on display : Dungeon Lords, Infinity Empire, Evernight, and Hello Kitty Online. Dungeon Lords is slated to be released in April 2005, Hello Kitty Online will begin its beta phase in August 2005, while Infinity Empire is currently being fine-tuned, and will be released very soon. Read more for details ...

Dungeon Lords

Developed by D.W. Bradley and Heuristic Park, Dungeon Lords is a unique combination of immersive RPG and extreme action in full 3D, featuring a deep storyline shrouded in mystery, surprise, and betrayal. The game is loaded with extensive skills, multiple schools of magic, tons of weapons, and special abilities for customizing your character hero from a variety of races and multiple class specializations. Alone, you must journey through an enchanted land teeming with ancient castles, dark forests, and subterranean lairs where armies of diabolical foes stand in your way. Dungeon Lords can be played in single player mode, or in multiplayer group sessions. D. W. Bradley is one of the leading developers of fantasy RPGs in the U.S., famous for creating three of the legendary Wizardry titles, Wizardry V –

Infinity Empire

Infinity Empire is a massively multiplayer RTS game set across the shattered planet of Nespanona, where you must conquer its islands and mine its mineral wealth to expand your empire. Immerse yourself in a world over 4,000 square kilometers of real distance and thousands of islands to conquer, with empires manned by other human players that remember the promises you keep and break. Treachery, propaganda, and trade are just as important as your army’s might and tactics. Infinity Empire is created by Nice Tech Limited, a developer of massively multiplayer online games. Based in Cambridge, UK, Nice Tech uses it own proprietary network technology known as AliceServer to develop its games, and has taken this technology forward to network gaming’s next level.


Evernight is a massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world packed with armies, monsters, and supernatural warfare. Join a thriving online player community and match wits against hundreds of other tacticians from any computer, at any time. Set entirely within a browser, Evernight allows players to make their moves from anywhere they can access the Internet. Then, at a predetermined time each day, all movement of Forces and Casting of Spells occurs and Regions are Won or Lost. Evernight is created and owned by Evernight LLC.

Hello Kitty Online

Hello Kitty Online is the first-ever MMOG featuring your favorite Hello Kitty characters from Sanrio. You’ll get to roam the streets of Kitty Kingdom, XO Federation, Melody-land, and many other cities. There’s just loads of things to do: Have a successful career, open different shops, earn and spend Sanrio Dollars in your bank, buy a house, and trade with other players around the vast game world. Plus, you will also be able to raise pets and teach them special tricks and skills. Share the exciting world of Hello Kitty Online and spread the message of love to your friends old and new.

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