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Deep Silver's E3 2005 Lineup

by Rainier on April 26, 2005 @ 2:50 a.m. PDT

Deep Silver will be joining the industry caravan to Los Angeles, presenting their 2005 and 2006 titles to the worldwide media. With many announcements to be made during the show, Deep Silver can confirm that the following titles will be on show at their stand in the South Hall (724) : D1rt, X3: Reunion, Singles 2, Earth 2160, Rush for Berlin and Hearth of Empire: Rome. Read more for details ...

X³ Reunion (PC - Space Trading/Combat Sim)

X³: REUNION continues to lead the way in offering players the ultimate open ended game play experience, backed by an addictive storyline and intense combat/trading action. Utilising the 'X³ Reality' engine, X³ pushes the graphical boundary to movie quality in-game graphics. TRADE in a new economy, dynamically reactive in pricing relative to supply and demand. FIGHT individual dog fights or command full-scale fleets against massive enemy armadas. Budding trade entrepreneurs can BUILD interconnecting factories to create huge space borne complexes, to truly mass produce commodities. THINK through a professional screen-written story line, to unravel the destiny of the galaxy.

Rush for Berlin (STORMREGION - PC - WW2 RTS)

From the creators of CODENAME: PANZERS, RUSH FOR BERLIN is a tactical real time strategy game, set on the European battlefields of World War II, during 1944-45. The player's goal; to capture the German capital, as either the British/US/French alliance or the Red army of the Soviet Union. The act symbolizes the total defeat of the Third Reich and means the end of the war on the European continent. Players face more and more challenges, as they get closer to the capital. The game is based on historical facts and gives wide possibilities for changing history and playing an alternative reality.

Singles: Triple Trouble (ROTOBEE - PC - Romantic Comedy Life Sim)

Romantic comedy SINGLES 2: TRIPLE TROUBLE involves three young singles who share an apartment in the city. Players have a whole host of new relationship possibilities to manage, along with the everyday necessities of going to work, maintaining a 'happy home' and equipping their flat with the latest furniture and mod-cons. Using a stunning new 3D engine, SINGLES can be dressed in a whole range of different outfits, express themselves in even more realistic and recognisable ways and explore beyond their apartment to new locations, where they can meet other characters for friendship, romance, possibly more?

Hearth of Empire: Rome (DEEP RED - PC - World/City Building Tycoon)

Build & control one of the greatest Empires of all time. HEART OF EMPIRE: ROME leads the player through 14 huge missions as they actually build & control ancient Rome in glorious real-time 3D. From simple beginnings, they must quickly build housing for their growing population; start to meet their increasing desires for food, goods and entertainment. Step out of the city and survey the Empire and its many provinces that supply the materials and goods that allow the city to run. Players gain political influence with the Senate and the Emperor, to grasp their ultimate goal, POWER!

Earth 2160 (ZUXXEZ / REALITY PUMP - PC - Futuristic RTS)

Sequel of the award winning Earth series, EARTH 2160 sets a new milestone in the RTS genre. EARTH brings an as yet unseen level of detail to the RTS genre, utilising the latest DirectX9 technology. Modular construction allows players to customise buildings and units, creating limitless variants to wage war with. Virtual Agents add a unique element, as they assist the player in specific tasks on the battlefield, or act as managers, dealing with construction, resources, research; to let the player concentrate on aspects of the game they favour.

D1RT (NU GENERATION - PC/PS2 - 3rd Person Action/Shooter)

A fast paced action adventure title, set across 14 levels; players take on the role of D1RT, an unlikely heroine with a shadowy past. From the deserts of Nevada, to secret government research facilities, D1RT faces near unstoppable opposition. RPG Lite 'Play as you want' system allows the player to experience each level from their preferred style, Stealth, Aggression, Exploration or Sharp Shooting. Multiple offensive and defensive moves make D1RT a resourceful character in a fight, with over 20 weapons to level at her foes. A teen chic with attitude - God help the opposition.

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