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'Pac-Pix' (NDS) Chomps its Way to Stores

by Judy on April 26, 2005 @ 10:02 a.m. PDT

Namco announced today that Pac-Pix has shipped to retail outlets throughout North America for the Nintendo DS. Combining classic Pac-Man gameplay and the unique technology of the DS system, Pac-Pix lets players draw and control their very own Pac-Man as he chases down Ghosts in this innovative adventure.

Pac-Man is about to embark on his most heroic quest yet and face off against his perpetual foes, the Ghosts. One day, a mischievous wizard created something called "Ghost Ink." Everything drawn with this ink turned into Ghosts. Up to their old tricks, the Ghosts started to cause chaos throughout the world. Pac-Man rushed to trap the Ghosts in a book using his trusty Magic Pen, but in the process of turning them back into Ghost Ink, our hero finds himself trapped inside. Now, it’s up to the player to pick up Pac-Man’s Magic Pen ­ using the DS stylus ­ and finish off the Ghosts once and for all.

"PAC-PIX" literally puts Pac-Man’s fate into the hands of the player by utilizing the DS system’s stylus and touch screen to draw Pac-Man, shooting arrows and exploding bombs to reach Ghosts ripe for the chomping. Bigger Ghost Bosses call for a bigger Pac-Man, and larger bombs cause larger blasts. Pac-Man can even travel between the upper and lower DS screens, collecting items to maintain a steady diet of fruit and Ghosts. If one’s not enough, draw up to three Pac-Mans on screen at once.

"'PAC-PIX' lets players express their creativity through the DS’s stylus and touch screen by drawing Pac-Man and a variety of items to track down pesky Ghosts," said Yoshi Niki, Business Unit Director at Namco Hometek Inc. "People have been drawing Pac-Man for 25 years, and we now have the capability to let players bring these drawings to life in an all-new adventure."

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