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Seven More Companies Sign On For SpeedTree - Screens

by Rainier on April 26, 2005 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT

IDV, Inc. announced today that it has added yet another 7 developers to its growing list of SpeedTree customers. Korean developers Gravity and Webzen, Mythic Entertainment, Cyanide, as well as Spellforce 2 developer Phenomic and several others have gone on record as users of SpeedTree for its wind effects, foliage editor, dynamic LODs, and an aesthetic prowess that runs circles around anything else out there. Read more for details ...

Next Phenomic Title to Feature SpeedTree

Phenomic Game Development, the German developer of the popular SpellForce series of real-time strategy games, has chosen SpeedTreeRT™ for use in SpellForce 2. “SpeedTree RT delivers top quality visuals,” said Sven Liebich, art director for Phenomic. “It has feature-rich tools for creating trees in a lot less time than with traditional modeling tools, and it allows us to create dense environments with lots of tree and other foliage."

Webzen Chooses SpeedTree for Two New Titles

Webzen has licensed SpeedTree for two new online titles to be published by 2006.

Developer of MU, a 3D multiplayer online role-playing game popular in Korea and China, Webzen chose SpeedTree for its realism, beauty and ease of use. “SpeedTree will help us to build the kind of next generation worlds players expect from us,” said Roid Hong, Senior Producer at Webzen. “Beauty and realism will be essential to the games that are coming soon, and SpeedTree’s windblown, photo-real trees will add a great deal to the environments we create.”

Mythic Entertainment Licenses SpeedTree for Sci-Fi MMORPG Imperator

SpeedTree will be featured in Imperator, a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) to be released by Mythic Entertainment in the summer of 2006.

“Using SpeedTree ensures that our players will live in worlds created to the highest visual standards possible,” said Rob Denton, Mythic Entertainment Founder & CTO. “The technology is ideal for building lush, full forests of trees and plants, as well as for creating the fantastic species we need for Imperator’s many science fiction worlds.”

Imperator is a science-fiction MMORPG set in a futuristic world where the Roman Empire never fell – instead it grew over a few thousand years to span many colonies and planets. As the game begins, Roman citizens face a new threat from an old enemy from within and beyond the Republic.

SpeedTree Will Bring Life to Foliage in B-Alive’s Wildlife Park 2

German game developer B-Alive GmbH will use SpeedTree in the next-generation sequel to its popular Wildlife Park.

Arndt Schlichtig, CEO of B-Alive, said SpeedTree was chosen for Wildlife Park 2 due to its wind effects and ability to quickly generate realistic trees. “In our wildlife parks, plants are living objects with dynamic behaviors and their own needs, similar to our animals,” said Mr. Schlichtig. “SpeedTree, with its dynamic approach to generating and animating complex tree structures, and its extensive efficiency tools and databases, was the best middleware-solution for achieving realistic, high-performance trees.

Chinese Game Developer Perfect World Licenses SpeedTree for New Game Title

Perfect World Co., Ltd., a game development firm based in Beijing, China, has licensed SpeedTreeRT for a new online game to be published in 2005.

"Among all the tools we reviewed, SpeedTree stood out as the clear choice right away,” said Chi Yufeng, Perfect World CEO. “SpeedTree is a very complete package that gives us swift creation of a variety of tree elements with high levels of detail. Those were the most important factors when it came to choosing a foliage generator for this particular title, and SpeedTree fits the bill perfectly."

New Cyanide Title Pro Cycling Manager Will Feature SpeedTree

Cyanide Studio, the Paris-based developer of Chaos League and the Cycling Manager and Pro Rugby Manager series, has licensed SpeedTreeRT™ for use in Pro Cycling Manager, a new title due for release within a year.

"Integrating Speedtree in our production pipeline has turned out to be a very slick experience,” says Patrick Pligersdorffer, CEO of Cyanide “On the production side, SpeedCAD gives a robust framework for the tree creation and editing. The tool also exposes many nice features, such as self shadow map creation, texture packing and billboards generation that literally save days for artists.
And you get level of details and infinite variations for free!”

“On the coding side, the API, cleanly documented, is simple yet efficient. The samples are very instructive and enable you to integrate SpeedTree in a matter of hours in your game for instant delight,” Mr. Pligersdorffer added. “Producing efficient and realistic results, SpeedTree saves time and money."

Gravity Corp. Licenses SpeedTree for Requiem

Gravity Corporation Ltd., developer of the globally popular Ragnarok Online, has chosen SpeedTree for Requiem, an upcoming title in which humans create a new class of knights in order to battle devils that are causing discord on earth. Gravity officials said Requiem will pursue new standards, both in drama and in graphical excellence, and including SpeedTree will ensure that this new game fulfills their player’s highest expectations for an outstanding online experience.

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