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John Deere American Farmer

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Bold Games
Developer: Gabriel Entertainment

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'John Deere American Farmer' - v1.02 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 30, 2005 @ 10:44 a.m. PDT

Get the John Deere American Farmer v1.02 patch off WP (3.5mb)

NOTE: This update only supports the John Deere American Farmer game installed from CD-ROM. Do not use this update if you downloaded a trial or purchased version from the Internet.

This update includes all fixes implemented in previous updates. No previous updates are necessary.

Issues resolved in the 1.02 update:

  • Menus not displaying properly on nVidia6800 cards.
  • Crash on loading some saved games.
  • Autotasking ends when player stops on a road after delivering goods to hobby stand.
  • Family member satisfaction calculated incorrectly based on housing condition.
  • Worker walking off the map when told to repair the windmill.
  • Workers getting stuck in a vehicle or on foot.

Issues resolved with the update:

  • When animals are sold the health bar doesn't show neutral
  • Animal health not always showing correct stats
  • Crop health not always showing correct stats
  • The field crop type icon doesn't update dynamically
  • Sometimes entire crops stop growing and have zero maturity after loading a saved game
  • Shouldn't be able to resize fence while a person is in it doing a task
  • Selection bug with barns/fences - large parts of the world become unselectable at times.
  • plowed fields, when loaded from saved games, are no longer plowed.
  • Transfer grain to silo needs to be cancelable
  • No visual on feeding trough when fence is placed on right side of world
  • Auto-select the feed grade already chosen
  • Hitting escape while building a structure causes structure to disappear and money remains deducted.
  • Pathing issues - getting stuck
  • Sound glitch with Rosa
  • Camera doesn't save/restore properly
  • Walking into a fenced in area
  • Commodity price data not loading from saved game properly
  • Hail, floods and drought should actually damage the crops
  • Last field percent is sometimes wrong

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