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'SÖLDNER: Secret Wars' - v33628 Update Patch & Server Available NOW

by Rainier on April 4, 2005 @ 8:17 a.m. PDT

Jowood has released yet another patch for Wing Simulations' multiplayer shooter SÖLDNER: Secret Wars. This v33628 patch synchronises SÖLDNER: Secret Wars, SÖLDNER: Reloaded, the newest add-on SÖLDNER: Marine Corps to one version number, and fixes a ton of bugs and gameplay issues. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Soldner v33628 Patch off WP (320mb)

Get the Soldner v33628 Dedicated Server off WP (390mb)

Changelist v33628 :

  • CTF/CTV Multiplayer Modus There was no display of the current score. Also the game wouldn't end when a team reached the cap limit. This has been corrected now.
  • Lan Modus If you have the retail version of the addon "Marine Corps" installed you haven't been able to purchase the addon weapons/vehicle in a Lan game. This has been corrected now.
  • Airstrike The cost for the commander option "Airstrike" has been increased. Costs are now 30000.
  • Radar Changed Details coming soon
  • Client Crashes These client crashes rarely occure.
    • Fix for a possible client crash with Shadowmaps
    • Fix for a possible client crash in the terrain render
  • Server Stall It appears that the Win32 standalone server version 33588 stalls more often/is more unstable then the "old" v30830. Two safe changes have been done to solve this issue.
  • AGS Details coming soon
  • Scope Breathing Scope Breathing was to sensitive for several scope weapons. This has been corrected.
  • Medi Kit
    • Possible exploit of the medi kit has been fixed. Players were able to heal other players and get way to much money for it. The actual amount you will get for healing others has been decreased. You will now get 1$ for 1 point of health and 25$ for full healing.
    • The Medi Kit is now available again to those players that have light or medium body armor equipped.
  • Presets We have altered the scout preset. It's working now as intended.
  • Vehicles
    • The price for the vehicle [b]BTR 90[/b] has been altered. Changed from 7500 to 8500.
    • The missile lock on warning sound for three jets (Panavia Tornado, SAAB JAS-39 Gripen, FAF Rafale F2) haven't been played. This has been fixed.
    • The resistance top of the Merkavar has been altered. It is now 400.
    • The vehicles lock function is now working as intended.
    • All Wiesel models power (torque) has been increased slightly.
    • The maximum speed of the VSV has been increased to 110.
    • The maximum health of the Mark V has been changed increased from 400 to 500.
    • The price of the Special Operations Craft-Riverine (SOC-R) has been changed to 3500.
    • The price of the Humvie has been changed to 3500.
    • The price of the VBL has been changed to 3500.
    • The price of the Fuchs TPZ has been changed to 3500.
    • The price of the Harrier has been changed to 12500.
    • The price of the YAK-41 has been changed to 12000.
    • The Supply V is now refilling the Engineer Kit again.
  • Weapons
    • The PzFst 3-T had no projectile shown if you have shot once. This has been fixed.
    • The splash damage done by Riverine Assault Vessel und Fennek Grenade Launcher has been increased.
    • The price of the Saiga 308 has been changed to 2100.
    • The price of the MP5 SD has been changed to 750.
    • The price of the AK-47 Large Capacity Mag has been changed to 3500.
    • The price of the M 60 E-3 has been changed to 4500.
    • The price of the PKM has been changed to 4500.
    • The price of the HK 21 has been changed to 5250.
    • The price of the M 249 Saw has been changed to 5000.
    • The price of the HK OICW has been changed to 4750.
    • The price of the FN 2000 has been changed to 4500.
    • The ammunition of the Stinger Weapon System (SWS) has been increased to 3.
    • The kill energy of the Stinger Weapon System (SWS) has been increased from 170 to 190.
    • The price of the FHJ Smoke has been changed to 1000.
    • The price of the RPG 29 has been changed to 2800.
    • The price of the PzFst 3T has been changed to 3000.
    • The recoil of the MP 7 has been increased slightly.
    • The penetration energy of the PzFst 3T has been increased slightly.
  • Friendly Player Name Tags The maximum range of the friendly player name tags will now be seen until 1000 meters.

Changelist v33588 :

Too many changes and additions to list, in total 3000 lines

Changelist v30830 :

  • Removed: Rock from Danger Island CP to avoid “land swimmers”.
  • Fixed: Reloading animation corrected, so magazines are not inverted anymore.
  • Fixed: Activation of commander mode whilst in vehicle scope view no longer causes scope to disappear.
  • Fixed: When climbing over a fence, sometimes you reappear on the same side you started on.
  • Fixed: F10 menu & window jump exploit.
  • Fixed (again): Equipment for free after new round starts.
  • Removed: Hovering sandbag on Army Base near HQ Blue.
  • Fixed: BRDM 2ATGM kills sometimes reported as VCC Dardo kills.
  • Fixed: Mini wreckages.
  • Fixed: Able to jump into a terminal at HQ Red on Bone Mountain.
  • Fixed: Dardo exhaust smoke not attached to vehicle.
  • Fixed: Fence blocking doorway on Hell Village.
  • Fixed: When exiting a vehicle, the soldier will now always be facing the direction the camera was looking before the player exited.
  • Removed: Signpost inside a tree on Winterbase.
  • Fixed: Damaging a commander in commander mode resulted in an odd animation.
  • Fixed: Able to kill a commander in commander mode. The commander view will be terminated and he will be forced to respawn.
  • Fixed: Floating wall on St Rebecca levelled.
  • Fixed: Removed developer spectator controls menu.
  • Fixed: Respawning inside a rock on St Rebecca at Danger Island.
  • Removed: Crates to close to a wall on Armybase
  • Removed: Floating sandbags on Armybase

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