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'Horse and Musket 2: Prussia's Glory' Announced

by Rainier on April 6, 2005 @ 8:51 a.m. PDT

Shrapnel Games and Boku Strategy Games announced today that the next game in the Horse and Musket 2 series, entitled Prussia's Glory (no relationship to the GMT boardgame of the same name) has currently entered the testing phase and will soon be available for the Windows OS. The price and the exact release date have not been set at this time.

Prussia's Glory focuses on five battles between Prussia and Austria from 1745 until 1760, with the highlight being the Battle of Leuthen, considered by many to be Frederick the Great's masterpiece of the Art of War. Facing nearly two to one odds, the Prussians routed the Austrians, killing or capturing nearly as many Austrians as there were Prussians on the field of battle. While there will be five battles featured in Prussia's Glory, there will be a total of seventeen scenarios.

Additionally, Prussia's Glory will enhance the Horse and Musket 2 engine with some of the following features:

  • New, more historically accurate graphics for specific infantry and cavalry regiments, including a personal graphic for the great Prussian Hussar general, Hans von Zieten.
  • New animated graphics for officers and drummers. Drummers will now actually drum as the units advance.
  • New musket loading/reloading animations for units.
  • Exclusive scenario for Dragoon: The Prussian War Machine owners: Action at Burkersdor, 1762. This scenario will work only with Dragoon: The Prussian War Machine (not Prussia's Glory) and is included as a "Thank you!" for everyone who has purchased Dragoon.

Since there are many new graphical enhancements to the original Horse and Musket 2 engine it is important to note that there is no cross-compatibility between the two games.
If you own Dragoon but not Prussia's Glory and wish to play against someone who owned Prussia's Glory, but not Dragoon, you could not do so. To play against a live opponent everyone must own a copy of the same game.

As the game gets closer to its gold candidate date Shrapnel Games will keep you informed. After Prussia's Glory, the Horse and Musket 2 series will continue to march on, focusing on different battles of the 18th century.

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