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'Gunstar Super Heroes' (GBA) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on May 10, 2005 @ 4:23 p.m. PDT

SEGA of America today announced Gunstar Super Heroes, the sequel to the classic 2D action-shooter, Gunstar Heroes. This new adventure, developed exclusively for the Game Boy Advance, offers the relentless action, precision gunplay, and brilliant visuals that have become the trademark of Treasure, the game's legendary development team.

Blue and Red, the lead characters in Gunstar Super Heroes, must once again keep a stone of great power from falling into the hands of an evil empire intent on resurrecting the God of Ruin. Blue and Red take on the same adventure using different paths, effectively making for two unique play-through experiences. Players will tackle six wildly inventive levels and take on gigantic bosses that fill the entire Game Boy Advance screen.

"Gunstar Super Heroes offers an action-packed arcade experience that's sure to be inviting to newcomers and hardcore gamers alike," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, SEGA of America. "SEGA and Treasure are giving fans the sequel they've always wanted, right in time for the 10th Anniversary of the original Gunstar Heroes."

Within the game, playful references abound, including a beautifully retooled original Gunstar Heroes level, references to classic SEGA GenesisĀ® games, and a bevy of other fan-tailored treats. Crisp 2D graphics, easy to pick up gameplay, and an accessible save system makes Gunstar Super Heroes an ideal title to enjoy on the Game Boy Advance. This eagerly anticipated sequel, which is coming to retailers Fall 2005, is sure to be talked about by gaming enthusiasts for years to come.

Key Product Features:

  • Amazing visuals max out the graphical capabilities of the Game Boy Advance.
  • A true sequel to the SEGA Genesis classic Gunstar Heroes, expanding the Gunstar world with all-new levels, bosses, and weapons.
  • Two different paths for gameplay, depending on the hero you choose to play as at the outset of the game.
  • A reasonable difficulty curve that will satisfy fans and newcomers alike.

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