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'Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D' (ALL) Gets Release Date

by Rainier on May 17, 2005 @ 11:21 p.m. PDT

Activision, WXP and paintball professional Greg Hastings announced today that "Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D" will launch across multiple platforms this fall.

Building on the intense speed of "Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball," a 2004 sleeper hit with more than 100,000 registered players on Xbox Live, the new title will feature gameplay enhancements, including breakout play calling, multiplayer split-screen action for up to four players in a co-op and head-to-head play, and more. "Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D" is not yet rated by the ESRB and is slated for release this fall.

Game developer WXP will provide a sneak preview of some new gameplay features, including the Breakout feature set in Activision's booth #1224 in the South Hall at the 2005 E3 Expo. The groundbreaking Breakout feature set allows gamers to direct their AI teammates where to go and where to shoot at the start of the game. This is the first time in a first-person shooter console game that gamers will be able to command their teammates in such detail at the start of the game, delivering more intensity, tactics and speed.

Following are details regarding Breakout:

  • Breakout Move: allowing gamers to diagram the initial movement of their AI teammates at the start of a game.
  • Break Shooting: providing players the ability to select whether their AI teammates shoot or run to their bunker at the beginning of a game.
  • Sweet Spot: enabling gamers to direct the shooting of AI teammates towards critical areas as the game begins.

The result is more intensity, more tactics and more speed - and that's only the beginning for "Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D." Featuring more new field locations, and over 100 new field layouts, players will use a combination of speed and tactics to take out their opponents, including 14 pros from Keely Watson and Chris LaSoya to Greg Hastings.

Innovative features wouldn't be complete without a groundbreaking soundtrack. The "Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D" soundtrack is setting a new standard for music in video games by featuring two new songs recorded by multi-platinum selling recording artists working together for the first time ever. DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit) and B-Real (Cypress Hill) collaborated on a new hip-hop song entitled "Play for Real" specifically for the soundtrack, and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) performed guest vocals on another track created by DJ Lethal which will also appear in the game.

3volution Productions is producing the soundtrack, with B-Real at the helm as Executive Producer and industry veterans Raymond Herrera and Laddie Ervin attached as Producers. B-Real and the soundtrack are just getting started, with more tracks to be announced soon.

Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball MAX'D will be available for current gen consoles and handheld platforms.

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