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Autodesk to Provide PS3 Middleware Support

by Judy on May 24, 2005 @ 8:38 a.m. PDT

Autodesk today announced 3ds Max software support for Sony's tools & middleware program for the PlayStation 3, allowing game developers to realize their next-generation game ideas in High Definition (HD).

The Media and Entertainment division of Autodesk has long had a technology dialog with SCEI, and the game developers who create the world's most popular entertainment titles with its 3ds Max professional 3D animation software for its "PlayStation ", "PlayStation 2" and "PlayStation Portable" platforms. Autodesk also announced intention to support 3ds Max title developers who may rely on the Collada format to streamline the complexities of next generation game title development.

With the overwhelming computing power announced in "PLAYSTATION 3" -- from powerful Cell processing, advanced graphics capabilities of RSX which is jointly developed by NVIDIA and SCEI, and support for high-resolution 1080p* -- demand for HD game titles is expected to explode. 3ds Max software is the most-installed and used 3D animation software solution for the digital entertainment industry -- and will meet the needs for title developers as they rush to create HD game titles for the current and next-generation "PlayStation " platforms.

"With a long-term business relationship with SCEI, Autodesk is committed to its on-going support that will directly benefit our 3ds Max customers as they create new, imaginative film-like game titles for 'PLAYSTATION 3' platform," said Marc Petit, vice president of product development and operations, Autodesk Media and Entertainment. "We are delivering the innovative tools and game pipeline solutions needed to help our customers realize their ideas and harness the amazing power of 'PLAYSTATION 3'. We are excited to support SCEI and the game developers who create game titles -- as they innovate for the future of 3D entertainment," added Petit.

(*1080p -- "p" stands for progressive. 1080p is the highest resolution within the HD standard.)

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