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Championship Manager 5

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Management
Publisher: Eidos
Developer: Beautiful Game Studios
Release Date: March 18, 2005

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'Championship Manager 5' - v5.02 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 25, 2005 @ 2:33 p.m. PDT

Championship Manager 5 is the most realistic and engaging version ever, with major developments in the match engine, tactics and training. CM5 will deliver the same depth and detail as before, yet with much faster loading and gameplay. The simulation uses multiple data sources – fan scouts, internal researchers and professional agencies including OptaTM – to ensure greater objectiveness and accuracy of data than ever before.

Get the Championship Manager 5 v5.02 patch off WP (40mb)

CM5 Patch 2Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Basic Player Interaction. This includes player praise and criticism of performance in last match
    • After a player has played in a match the user will be able to praise or criticise their performance. The options will appear on the player actions menu only once they have played.
  • Agents. Agents will now offer players to your club
  • Offer player to clubs:
    • User and AI will offer players to others for transfer or loan.
    • Users can offer players to ‘interested’ club from the player actions menu or by right clicking on the interested club in the player information screen.
    • AI will also offer players not wanted at their clubs to interested teams. So short-listing player may get you a good price on a player.
  • Highlights mode improvements
    • o The highlights mode now shows the clock ticking from 1-90 minutes rather than jumping to next highlight.
    • The highlight mode has a speed selection bar that allows the user to specify how fast the clock goes through the minutes in between highlights. This is only available when highlights mode is being used.
    • The actions speed will determine how fast the match action is shown when match events (90 mins) are being played.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Space = Continue Game
    • Delete = Delete (news messages, save games)
    • Up = Cursor Up
    • Down = Cursor Down
    • Browser Back/Left = Back in history
    • Browser Forward/Right = Forward in history
    • Browser Home/F1 = Home Page
    • F2 = News screen (and then page through messages)
  • Competition fixture list appears before a match
    • The user will now have a 'view fixtures' button which will appear on the day of a users match.
    • When clicking on select team on a match day the users clubs top bar will change to show the fixture and competition.
  • 'Player is interested' to filters on player search and shortlist screens
    • By selecting ‘Player is interested’ from the player search filter players which are not interested in signing for your club then will not appear on the list. However, you may find there are players who may join your club that are filtered.
  • Ability to change training schedules from player profile.
    • Player training schedules can be changed from within their profile screen.

Key Improvements:

  • Updated data including many issues from the research forum
  • Match Engine
    • Smaller player disc graphics
    • Improved realism of results.
    • Improved own goals scored.
    • Add Man of the Match graphic at end of game.
    • Improved passing.
    • Improved goalkeeping, including:
      • Goalkeeper position
      • Goalkeeper kicking
      • Goalkeeper punching
      • Position on penalty kicks
      • More diving for penalties
      • Goalkeeper fumbling into own goal
      • Goalkeeper clearances.
    • Made hard tackling less severe. Will still get red cards though.
    • Improved behaviour when giving red and yellow cards.
    • Improved overall player/team defending.
    • Improved defensive headers.
    • o Improved defending from corners.
    • Improved match attendances.
    • Improved offside decisions.
    • Improved Shooting.
  • Transfers
    • Improved realism of transfer targets for clubs.
    • Improved Transfer selling price. Clubs will now accept more reasonable offers.
    • Increased Transfer activity for lower league clubs.
    • Improved Board Veto’s.
    • Contracts now end at the end of seasons.
    • Improved players going on loan.
    • Improved Work Permit decisions.
    • Fixed issue where transfers were not completing.
  • Major improvements to Player happiness:
    • Players will now talk to you regarding concerns
    • Concerns will be displayed on the player information screen.

CM5 Patch 1 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Game Data:

Includes all major transfers up until Sunday 6th March 2005.
Updated managers - Portugal, Brazil, Argentina,
Improved English staff details.
Added missing away colours - Turkey, Portugal & Spain lower leagues.
Improvements to missing player position & side.
Checked for and removed duplicate players.
Improved realism of ticket prices at some clubs.
Adjusted attendance details where average or maximum attendance was higher than stadium capacity.
Added missing transfer windows.
Amended CONCACAF Champions Cup timings.
Amended Belgium comp timings.
Amended Intertoto Cup timings.
Amended WCQ CONCACAF timings.
Improvements made to competition structures, rules and scheduling.

Match Engine:

Improved the overall quality of goals scored. A lot of the goals scored due to errors have been fixed.
Fixed ‘Corners’ being given ‘Offside’.
Fixed goals being scored direct from ‘Corners’.
Improved realism of the number of ‘Penalties’ awarded and scored.
Improved player ‘Free-kick Accuracy’ when shooting. Players will now try and put these either side of the goalkeeper.
Improved ‘Player Ratings’ given for performances in matches.
AI teams will try and ‘Push Forward’ more when game is looking likely to be a draw.
Improved the quality of ‘Text Commentary’.
Fix issues to prevent ball was going through the ‘Net’.
Increased the ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Quality’ of ‘Good Strikers’ shooting.
Decreased ‘Goalkeeper Effectiveness’ for long diving saves.
Decreased the likelihood of ‘Long Shots’ when long shots instruction is disabled.
Fixed ‘Substitution’ issues with injured players
Improvements made to highlights mode include:
Improved the time taken for yellow and red cards.
Improved the overall quality of highlights shown for fouls and injuries. User will see the tackle for the foul or which caused the injury.
Added new 4-1-4-1 formation for the user to select.

Transfers and Scouting:

Players will now be automatically added to the users ‘Shortlist’ when making transfer offers.
Fixed ‘Bosman Payments’ where clubs had to pay compensation for players over 24.
Improvements made to ‘Players Interested’ in clubs.
Transfer offers can no be made for player who are ‘Retiring’.
‘BOS’ icon will now be added to players who are leaving the club on bosman transfers.
Fixed issues where offering a ‘Contract’ to a ‘Reserve or Youth’ player would move them into the first team.
Improved the realism of ‘Signing-on Fees’ for contract renewals.
Improved the realism of ‘Transfer asking price’ for players with long term contracts.
Fixed ‘Contract renewals’ where clubs were constantly renewing contracts for players on short term contracts
Fixed to prevent clubs offering new contracts to players with ‘Confirmed Transfers’.
Fixed issue where ‘Contract renewals’ are subject to transfer windows.
Fixed issue where clubs thought they had made transfer offers and never bid again.
Reduced the processing times of ‘Transfer Offers‘ and ‘Work Permit’ approvals.
Fixed issues with ‘Transfer Windows’.
‘Scouting’ will no longer report back on ‘Injured Players’.
Improved user feedback when a player ‘Is Not Interested’ in signing for the ‘Users club’.
‘Loan listed’ players will now be taken off the list at a suitable time.

Club Board Features:

Improved Board Veto on Large Transfer fees.
Improved ‘Board Requests’. These are now more likely to be granted.
‘Board Expectations’ will now consider previous season performance.
Improvements made to the ‘Board Messages’ sent to the user.
‘Managers’ now have ‘Realistic Contracts’ when joining smaller clubs.
Fixed blank ‘Board Opinion’ messages.
User will now be ‘Sacked’ if there are no other staff members.
AI clubs will now ‘Retain’ or ‘Replace’ ‘Staff Members’.

Club Finances:

Fixed issue with ‘Transfer Budget’ where season 2 and beyond budgets were only a fraction of the first seasons. A Club will now have a similar transfer budget if they have the money in the bank.
Fixed issue where all ‘Non Selected Clubs’ were going ‘Bankrupt’ within 5 seasons.
Improved realism of the ‘TV revenue’ given to clubs.

News and Media:

Changed ‘Font’ colour to make reading messages easier on the eye.
Improved the quality of the ‘Loan’ new messages.
User will no longer see ‘Press Speculation’ for players who have ‘Agreed Transfers’.
Fixed incorrect ‘Form’ team being displayed in the ‘Scout Next Opposition’ news report.
Improved the quality of ‘Qualification’ and ‘Elimination’ messages for cup competitions.
User will now get messages when ‘Winning’ competitions.
‘Fans’ and ‘Board’ will also comment on ‘Winning’ important competitions

Game User Interface:

Added ‘Missing Player Stats’ onto the ‘Player Search Filters’.
Added ‘TRN’ and ‘BID’ status icons to players.
Improved in-game ‘Tool tips’.
Squad screen now disallows ‘Squad Selection’ when the ‘Assistant Manager’ is assigned to select first team.
Fixed instances where ‘Menus’ could appear of the right Hand side of the screen.
‘INT’ icon no longer appears when viewing an International squad.
Fixed issues with ‘Sorting’ on the user shortlist.
Players out of contract now display '-' instead of contract details on squad screen.
Fixed overlap when more than ‘10 players’ are selected for ‘Tactical’ duties.
Improvements made to the ‘Player Comparison’ screen.
Improvements made to the ‘Submit Offer’ screens.
Made ‘Player Exchange’ buttons viewable in the submit offer screen.
Improvements made to ‘Major Clubs’ screen and this now displays clubs from all continents.
Added ‘Filter’ to ‘European Squad Registration’ screen.
Improved ‘Average Ratings’ player screens.
Added ‘INF’ icons to the competition league tables.

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