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Vicious Engine To Offer Full PSP Support

by Rainier on June 14, 2005 @ 8:33 a.m. PDT

Vicious Cycle Software announced today the upcoming release of the Vicious Engine, a complete middleware solution for game development on the PS2, Xbox and PC. This exciting technology is one of the first engines to offer full support for the PSP platform.

"In the last five years, Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. has developed numerous video game titles on current generation consoles. These titles were created simultaneously on multiple platforms and released in various foreign markets soon thereafter," said Eric Peterson, President of Vicious Cycle. "Realizing how straightforward and versatile our tools have been for us, we believe that the Vicious Engine can be a benefit for other companies as well. By utilizing a dependable engine that has a proven track record, our customers will be granted the time they need to concentrate on better gameplay and quality production value."

Built on the foundation of internal games development, the Vicious Engine is a product of the experience gained while developing interactive video game titles, including Robotech: Battlecry, Robotech: Invasion, and Spy Vs Spy. It is a comprehensive middleware solution that will give developers the power to make exciting, dynamic games without the costly steps of creating an engine and tool set on their own.

"We are excited to provide a robust, cost effective solution for developers of current generation titles," said Mike Pearson, Manager of Business Development and Relations. "As the current console market matures, publishers are asking for shorter and shorter product cycles and smaller budgets. The Vicious Engine will help developers meet these new demands by enabling them to create their games quickly and at lower costs."

The Vicious Engine, used for both short and long production cycles, was built with easy accessibility in mind. Artists, designers and engineers will be able to use the tools on a daily basis to collaborate on a game's development. The engine and editor suite comes with everything required to build and ship games, including an innovative point and click scripting system, a competitive graphics engine, online multiplayer support, and built in collision and physics solutions.

In a further statement, Peterson said, "In the upcoming months, we look forward to offering our engine and toolset to developers and publishers alike for the current generation console and handheld systems."

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