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'Preyground' Now Known As 'Shadowgrounds' - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 15, 2005 @ 2:36 p.m. PDT

Frozenbyte announced today the renaming of its upcoming PC action game Preyground to Shadowgrounds. An adrenaline-pumping action game developed in the Finnish woods in secrecy for almost two years, Shadowgrounds strikes from the darkness with a flash of light in Q3 2005. The game features upgradeable weapons, lighting based gameplay and an epic storyline with strong characters.

Get the Shadowgrounds trailer off WP (40mb)

Shadowgrounds was originally known as Preyground but the name was changed due to issues with U.S. based developer 3D Realms. "We changed the name because 3D Realms told us that they are again working on Prey, a first-person shooter originally announced in 1997", says Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvarinen and continues, "We respect 3D Realms. And we don't want Duke to kick our butts."

Lauri Hyvarinen says: "In the coming months, we will be revealing more information about the game and its features, including the RPG-like weapon upgrade system that adds a new level of tactics to the action genre. Ultimately, we look forward to delivering the game to triggerhappy gamers worldwide in September."

Set in the near future, Shadowgrounds pits the player against oncoming alien hordes who are invading a colony base. The intriguing storyline takes on epic heights and mission highlights include investigating alien origins, helping in rescue evacuation and setting up defense perimeters. The player gets help from many allies who play an essential part in the overall story.

In Shadowgrounds, players get a devastating arsenal of high-tech weaponry with which to dispose of the alien threat. Weapons can be customized with multiple upgrades, maximizing the carnage. Examples include a pinpoint laser that cuts aliens in half and a railgun that fires wall-bouncing bullets - several aliens can be killed with only one shot. Destructible environment allows players to wreak havoc in full scale.

Shadowgrounds has been developed using in-house technology that brings the game world alight with visual fireworks. Realistic lighting is an important gameplay feature as well - the monsters react to the lighting in numerous ways, and players can take advantage of that. Clever use of light is also needed when facing brutal boss monsters, who will do anything to eliminate the human race. Preyground's breath-taking atmosphere is further enhanced by a thrilling soundtrack and a realistic sound environment.

Shadowgrounds Features :

  • Upgradeable weaponry
    • Use a devastating arsenal of high-tech weaponry to dispose of the alien threat. Each weapon has multiple upgrades that maximize the carnage. Examples include a pinpoint laser that cuts the aliens in half and and a railgun that fires wall-bouncing bullets - kill several aliens with only one shot! Check out more examples in Weapons & Upgrades.
  • Destructible environment
    • What good are weapons and special effects if you can't wreak havoc on the environment? Shadowgrounds lets you go all-out - glass shatters, ground shakes, trees fall, barrels explode and furniture blows to smithereens. Use the environment to your advantage.
  • Stunning visuals and intensive atmosphere
    • Shadowgrounds uses cutting-edge realistic lighting and glow technology to light up the battlefield. Procedural texturing system enables virtually unlimited number of animatable effects such as water and lava. Lightmaps and dynamic lighting bring even more intensity to the environment. Together these technologies create an amazing atmosphere for the game.
  • Realistic lighting with gameplay effects
    • Realistic lighting looks great - but it is an important gameplay feature, too. Aliens react to light, which allows for unique combat movements. Point your flashlight straight into the eyes of the monsters and see what happens... Some aliens try to stay in the shadows right until they attack you and the great variation in alien species means you must not let your guard down at any time. Field reports have even indicated that there might be species that are only identified by their shadow - you can't see them in normal light. Watch out...
  • Bossfights!
    • Big, brutal monsters await you. Prepare to face many different bosses who will do anything to stop your journey. They are nasty, blood-thirsty beasts but don't give in to fear - remember to use the environment and the lighting to your advantage!
  • Epic storyline & interesting characters
    • Shadowgrounds has an intriguing and deep storyline. The player is not alone - many allies fight alongside him. Mission highlights include investigating alien origins, helping in rescue evacuation and setting up defense perimeters.
  • Thrilling sound environment
    • Shadowgrounds' breath-taking atmosphere is further enhanced by a thrilling soundtrack and realistic sound environment. The soundtrack has been designed to support the game's atmosphere perfectly. Frozenbyte has an in-house musician working full-time on the game's sound and music environment - the soundtrack has been in development for almost a year and features a diverse collection of music scores from many different genres.

Check out the official Shadowgrounds Web site for more information.

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