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Future 'Day of Defeat Source' Steamy Update #8

by Rainier on June 18, 2005 @ 3:46 a.m. PDT

The initial plan following the Half-Life 2 launch was to get a near direct port of the existing Day of Defeat up and running and release it to the community. After an initial test, Valve did not think the port was up to par and started to rework all of the content, hoping that people would be happier waiting for the product to ship while giving DoD the attention it deserved. Today they released the first screenshot from dod_flash, showing off what they have been working on.

In other news, Softimage is having a modeling contest and offering $25,000 in prizes for the most original and compelling characters produced with the XSI Mod Tool. Submissions will be judged in-game on specific visual and animation criteria. For more, head to the contest’s offical page.

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