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Destroy All Humans!

Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, Xbox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Pandemic

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'Destroy All Humans!' (PS2/Xbox) Lands In Stores

by Rainier on June 21, 2005 @ 8:01 a.m. PDT

Use destructive weapons and innate mental powers to take on the most feared enemy in the galaxy - Mankind! Play as Crypto, an alien warrior sent to Earth to clear the way for the Furon invasion force. Your mission is to infiltrate humanity, control them, harvest their brain stems and ultimately destroy them. You choose the method - infiltration or disintigration!

"The advance praise for Destroy All Humans! is especially gratifying because of THQ's increased commitment to publishing original gaming properties," said Peter Dille, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, THQ. "Destroy All Humans! is a prime example of our ongoing commitment to deliver fresh themes, innovative game play and original content to all gamers."

Developed by renowned game developer Pandemic Studios, Destroy All Humans! is packed with non-stop saucer-flying, vaporizing, terrorizing action. As the trigger-happy, bulb-headed alien Crypto-137, players will explore a variety of open world game environments as they take on earth's helpless legions of soldiers, beat cops, and G-men and probe the thoughts and secret desires of the citizens of the doomed planet.

"We had so much fun making this game," comments Pandemic Studios President Josh Resnick. "In between blowing up whole blocks of buildings and buzzing around in our flying saucers zapping everything in sight, we were probing cows, discovering the secret lusts of 1950s housewives, and laughing our heads off."

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