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Steel Panthers: World At War

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy

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'Steel Panthers: World At War' - v8.40 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 25, 2005 @ 4:18 a.m. PDT

Get Steel Panthers: World At War v8.40 patch off WP (2mb)

The 8.40 patch makes a wide variety of improvements, mostly focused on the “long” World War 2 scenario. Additionally several adjustments were devised to improve the game, including reinforcement allocations, troop morale values when a leader is absent, and reduced visibility in sandstorms.

Steel Panthers: World at War is a tactical wargame that puts you in command of the Allied or Axis powers in a number of scenarios during World War 2. Steel Panthers: World At War was recognized as the Charles S. Roberts Best 20th Century Wargame (2000) and has delighted war game fans since its initial release. Based on the Hall of Fame Steel Panthers series of old, Steel Panthers: World at War is updated and overhauled with better graphics, more detailed orders of battle and improved combat and command modeling. More importantly, it is fully Windows compatible, allowing the latest computers to experience this wargaming classic.

SPWaW 8.40 Patch Notes

  1. Fixed a bug which could allow size zero units with only one man left to appear as snipers in some combat and spotting routines.
  2. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the program, when generating maps in the editor, for any campaign or battle, with the Victory Frontage option turned off, to place the three victory hex clusters in unexpected locations. Please note that Victory Frontage off is useful for company to battalion sized battles and Victory Frontage on is useful for regimental or brigade sized battles.
  3. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to crash when starting a battle in the long World War II campaign, if playing or fighting the Germans.
  4. Fixed a bug which prevented units riding on vehicles or in soft vehicles from taking damage, when the vehicle was hit by fire.
  5. Fixed a bug in the OOB editor that prevented the unit text file value from saving properly.
  6. Adjusted base experience and morale values used for creation of leaders and units. These are minimum values, to which a random number is added. See tables, below.
  7. Made it a bit easier to spot enemy units, especially at range one of zero.
  8. Rewrote the code that chooses if the player mission is advance or assault in the long WWII Campaign and campaigns created using the Campaign Generator. Decreased the likelihood of Allied armies in the early war and Axis powers in the late war.
  9. Changed the way reinforcement points are generated in the long WWII Campaign. Instead of having a maximum of 1/15th the value of the players force, the value is now 1/10th of the enemy force. The reasoning here is that reinforcements are more needed when the player is outnumbered, such as in a defend mission, than when he has the dominate force, such as in an advance mission.
  10. In 1944 of the long WWII campaign, the computer opponent will receive more troops, if the human is playing Axis and fewer, if he is playing Allied. This effect becomes greater in 1945.
  11. Rewrote bit of code that determines where a unit will move. In meeting engagements, if a unit was closer to a friendly hex than an enemy hex, it would move towards that hex. When visibility was high, that put most friendly units closer the friendly hex and most would move to that friendly hex and mill around. Now they will only move towards a friendly hex if there are no enemy hexes left or they are very close to the friendly hex, else they will move towards an enemy hex.
  12. Altered the equations some for determining visibility in random battles. Extreme and very short ranges are less frequent (less than 5 or more than 40). Computer opponent artificial intelligence was having difficulty setting up, in these cases.
  13. Reduced visibility in sand storms in the desert by a significant amount in random battles.
  14. Modified how the German computer opponent picks troops in the long World War II campaign. Uses same pick lists, but picks in a slightly different fashion. Very small battles were using odd choices, since the unit costs have arisen in some orders of battle.

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