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'Star Wars Galaxies' Gets Content Update #2 - Screens

by Rainier on June 29, 2005 @ 1:38 a.m. PDT

Star Wars Galaxies gets a big update on June 29 with quite a few additions going into Publish 19. Some of the more notable ones include a new chapter in the Syren story arc quest, changes to Smuggler slicing, morale-boosting visits from heroes of the Galactic Civil War, and TONS of revisions implemented because of feedback offered at Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest 2005 in Anaheim earlier this month.

The Syren story arc quest enters its third chapter and definitely promises a surprise or two. Join in and travel the galaxy to environments such as Talus, Naboo and Corellia space. You never know
what reward may await...

The Smuggler slicing game sees a facelift, too, with greater rewards awaiting the galaxy's savviest scoundrels. Smugglers can now upgrade weapons and armor in previously unavailable ways, as they proactively choose to change a weapon's speed, critical chance and damage. They may also choose to increase their armor's resilience, deflection, critical save and armor break defense.

And what better way to use your new modified weapons and armor than on a quest supplied to you by an infamous Dark Lord of the Sith or the greatest hero of the Rebellion? At intermittent points in the game at the galaxy's bigger cities, Imperials might welcome a morale boost from Darth Vader, while Luke Skywalker rallies his Rebel friends. And depending on your allegiance, each also just might have a job for you...

On June 2 and 3 at Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest 2005, players certainly had their own tasks for the game's developers. And less than a month later, the dedicated teams at Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts are delivering. From increasing the damage ranges on cybernetic arms to allowing Jedi to Force choke through an opponent's armor, nearly 40 fan suggestions have found their way into Galaxies. And that's only the beginning...

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