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As WP's managing editor, I edit review and preview articles, attempt to keep up with the frantic pace of Rainier's news posts, and keep our reviewers on deadline, which is akin to herding cats. When I have a moment to myself and don't have my nose in a book, I like to play action/RPG, adventure and platforming games.


'Glider: Collect 'n Kill' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on June 3, 2005 @ 3:31 a.m. PDT

You are a proud pilot of the Official Glider League, able to hold your own in difficult fights. You have never seen anything like this before -– chases, "circuit fights," and XXL battles with up to eight players. Your way to to the top leads you through sewage shafts and a big temple area from ancient times.

Get the Glider trailer off WP (9mb)


  • Absolute freedom of movement: Action in all directions und unique fights
  • Arcade-like gameplay: Quickly accessible for beginners! Professionals can learn new moves and tricks again and again
  • Special "collect 'n kill" score system: Find the right mix between the heavy fights and collecting the balls
  • Single- and multiplayermode with up to eight players: Show man and machine who’s the boss
  • 5 varied levels: Enter worlds, challenging you again and again
  • 5 different gliders: fast and agile or heavily armored, it’s your choice
  • 14 items, 7 weapon systems and 5 defensive items: Enough to survive every situation. Are you fast enough to get them?
  • Made-to-measure sound: A soundtrack created especially for the scenery, and fitting FX-sounds create immersive atmosphere
  • Functional user interface: Comprehensible icons and a clear structure make it possible to focus on the action
  • Fast on every system: The stylish graphics are also fast on lower-end systems, thanks to the variety of setting possibilities

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