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'Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy' Announced

by Rainier on June 3, 2005 @ 8:56 a.m. PDT

Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy, the 7th exciting chapter in Ultima Online's rich and storied history. Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy includes groundbreaking new features, including new playable Elves race, twisted New Enemies, new Dungeons, new Spellweaving Skill, new Quest System, collections and increased storage capacity

The shattering of the Gem of Immortality was the genesis of Ultima Online™. The shards created were perfect images of Sosaria. But with the essence of immortality seeping from the fragmented shards, the fabric of the universe began to unravel.

While mysterious guardian spirits are credited with the salvation of Sosaria, in actuality, the primal cooperative magic of the elves mended the world anew. Such an immense enterprise, weakened the fey folk significantly and they withdrew from the world and its affairs to restore themselves.

As self-proclaimed but severely drained protectors of the land, the elves watched in sorrow as plague swept through Yew and decimated the region, converting it to a foul swampland. Isolated and safe, the elves waited until the time was right to come forth again into the world...

... that time is nearly upon us.

New Playable Race: Elves

Mysterious and powerful, a playable race of Elves will deliver a whole new way to explore and rediscover Sosaria. Along with a New Elf city, the following Elvin themed features have been added to assist the Elves in their return to Britannia:
New combat abilities
New architecture and housing tiles
New trainable mount
100s of new craftables
New wearables
New Elven City
And more!
You can start a new Elf character, or you can transform a human character into an Elf after a series of difficult trials and quests.

Twisted New Enemies

While the Elves bring the light of life unto the world, new enemies bring death, disease, destruction and corruption. These fouls beast include:
Chief Paroxysmus -- a hideous disease-spewing walking pollution.
The Dread Unicorn - A noxious, twisted version of a once pure creature.
Lady Melisande - So foul, the mere sight of her causes humans to wretch.
Shimmering Effusion - A deadly light that appears when greed, evil and corruption are in the area.
10 other new monsters, Champion Spawns and Paragons.

New Dungeons

Nine new dungeons to explore
Rare treasures to claim
New Champion Spawns
New Paragons
New Peerless Monsters, quite literally, the toughest monsters ever put into UO.

New Spellweaving Skill

Groups of 2 to 5 skilled casters produce powerful magic that would be impossible for one mortal to command. The more participants in the spell circle, the more powerful the spells, which include:
Gift of Renewal
Immolating Weapon
Attune Weapon
Nature’s Fury
And many others.

New Quest System

New quest engine will provide 100s of quests and 100s of hours of gameplay. Rewards offered will be everything from minor artifacts and gold for simple quests to the ability to join the Elven race after a long arduous series of quests.


New cooperative collections including a Museum, Library and a Zoo. Completion of a cooperative collection results in rewards for everyone who contributed.

Increased storage capacity

Housing storage capacity will be increased by 20%

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