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Taxi 3: Extreme Rush

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Fusionlabs
Developer: Team6 Game Studios

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'Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush' - v1.1 Demo & Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 7, 2005 @ 5:09 a.m. PDT

Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush is a high end racing game in which you dash frantically through the city of London in order to pick up and drop off passengers.

Get the Taxi3: eXtreme Rush demo/patch off WP (84mb)

On a bad day, somebody steals your precious black cab. No more crazy taxi rides for you! For many days you try to search the crime location for clues, but you are already starting to realize that it's gone: and it's never going to be the same again without it.

On the fourth day after the theft, an expensive Lambatti drives by and the driver of this car recognizes you immediatly: ypu are the most famous taxi-driver of London! He thinks that some of his contacts, in the underground midnight racing club, might know who stole your special, supercharged twin-V8 black cab.

Once you enter the underground scene, you will have to use all your skills to win. Don't expect easy competition because you are an experienced driver: you've never raced in such extreme cars, at such high speed and with such danger, ever before.

The more races you win, the more respect and money you will earn. The more respect you have, the more contacts you will get and the closer you will get to your precious black cab.

Xtreme Rush Fun Fact 1: This is the first Taxi game made by Team6 where you don't drive a taxi.

Race select

When you select and start "new game" for the first time, you will see the intro movie about our hero losing his cab. After the sad intro movie you will see the "race select" screen. This is the menu you will always see before and after you start a race. There is lot of information available at this screen and the following section will explain more about this important menu.

2.1.1 Enter your name. In the upper-right corner, you can alter your name by clicking on the existing name.
2.1.2 See statistics of previous and current races.
2.1.3 See statistics of your selected car.
2.1.4 Select your type of transmission. (automatic or manual)
Please note that all dragraces are forced to "manual transmission".
2.1.5 Select your car buttons. Selecting your car is also possible with the "arrow left" and "arrow right" keys.
2.1.6 Select your car color.
2.1.7 Select your contact. Different contacts have different races available. This is also possible with the "PgUp" and "PgDwn" keys.
Note that the first three races mentioned in a contact-window, are your 'default' races. They are the same in each contact-window.
2.1.8 See statistics, availability and conditions for a race. Sometimes you will have to gain more respect of money before you can enter a race. This information-window explains how much respect and how much money you need to enter the race. Also, it will explain what you can gain by winning this race.
2.1.9 Select your race in the upper left corner. Not all races are available at the start. It depends on the race conditions if you can enter this race, or not.

Xtreme Rush Fun Fact 2: The guy you see on the picture is one of the developers. All 'contacts' are modified pictures of the game developers, except for Mr.P.
Mr.P is a hidden contact that will try to steal away your money and respect by organizing fake-races. Watch out for Mr.P !!

System requirements

System requirements:
Processor: 1000 Mhz
Memory: 256 Mb
Videocard: 2nd generation 'hardware TnL' videocards such as:
ATI Radeon 7500
or Nvidia Geforce 2
Harddisk: 750 Mb free
OS: Win98 or WinXP
DirectX version: 9.0c

System recommended:
Processor: 1600 Mhz
Memory: 512 Mb
Videocard: 3rd or 4th generation 'hardware TnL' videocards such as:
ATI Radeon 9600 or higher
Nvidia GeforceFX5600 or higher
Harddisk: 750 Mb free
Network: LAN or Internet Access for multiplay.
DirectX version: 9.0c

Notes on system requirements:

It's very important to have a good videocard installed in your machine. There are a lot of cheap videocards for sale, which are often have extensions like "mx" or "le". Such 'budget' cards often display visual errors in many games, or suffer from bad performance in high performance games. We have done our best effort on supporting all of these cards, but in case you still suffer from bad performance, please refer to the video-options section in this manual. Also, make sure you always update your videocard drivers once a month. New videocard drivers will decrease visual errors and increase performance.

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