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'Silent Hunter III: Seawolves' Announced

by Rainier on July 19, 2005 @ 1:14 p.m. PDT

German developer X1Software announced today that it is working on an un-official addon for Ubisoft's submarine sim, Silent Hunter 3: Seawolves will add sixty new cities across Europe, North America and the Pacific, new campaigns & missions (22 sp, 4 mp), and plenty of other enhancements. Read more for details ...

SEEWOLVES - this is the name of the add-on for Silent Hunter III which is currently under developement.


  • new campaign script, new missions, new sounds and graphics
  • fixes to DD hydrophones
  • roughly sixty new cities, including ports and industry
  • naval and airbase locations in Europe, North America, Britain and the Pacific region
  • new objects including ships, search lights, bunkers, minefields and air defenses
  • enhancements to sub interior and exterior
  • stationary ships in harbors and harbor patrols
  • historical activity such as Dunkirk, Dieppe and D-Day
  • new radio messages
  • optional installations like navmap aids, fatigue mod
  • escorts out of hazardous harbors
  • maps showing French harbors and the PTO grid
  • 22 single missions and four multiplayer missions
  • tutorial for Fire a Spread and Attacking a Convoy
  • Resupply from your U-Boot in a mission
  • and mutch more and more...

A powerful package to come, so watch out! Release August 2005

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