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'Pirates of the XXI Century' - Screens

by Rainier on July 25, 2005 @ 12:27 a.m. PDT

Pirates of the XXI Century is a new FPS in the works over at Eastern European developer DioSoft. Not much info is available at this point but Pirates of the XXI Century revolves around modern day sea pirates with action taking place on load, air, sea and even underwater. You will be able to play as either a member of Hong Kong’s triads, modern day pirate or soldier of US Special Forces and have use of about 30 weapons.

What player gets:

  • Blockbusting storyline, which however allows gamer spend lots of time exploring outward things.
  • Near 30 types of weapon, including special ones for underwater operations.
  • A lot of underwater, marine, ground and air transport.
  • Chance to join the story as a member of Hong Kong’s triads, nowadays pirates or soldiers of US Special Forces.
  • Huge unified playing level, interactive environment.
  • Swimming, crawling, quadrupeds and the most dangerous, two-legged predators.
  • Serious and redoubtable AI opponents.

Game Engine Data.

3D engine: Monstrator
Developer: DIOsoft
Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Graphic API: OpenGL
Programming language: C++


  • Applicability for open and closed spaces.
  • Hi-detailed graphic using all the features of the cutting edge video-cards (nVidia GeForce 6800 and ATI X800).
  • High detailed objects and textures.
  • Dynamic reflection of all environments from the water surface.
  • Three-dimensional sound, using EAX 4.0 effects from Creative Labs.
  • Special mode for the underwater representation.
  • Dynamic shadows only.
  • Realistic physical modeling for all object types.
  • Real-time physics with solid body dynamics.
  • Inertia, acceleration, damping and application of force.

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