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'DRIV3R' Coming to GBA - Screens

by Judy on July 26, 2005 @ 8:36 a.m. PDT

Atari announced today that DRIV3R, the action-driving game that sold more than 3 million copies worldwide on PS2 and Xbox in 2004, is currently in development for GBA to release fall 2005. Read more for details and screens ..

Developed by G. Dubail and F. Velez, the talented development team behind a string of best-selling Game Boy Advance titles including Stuntman and V-Rally 3, DRIV3R provides a very unique gaming experience to the console and PC versions. DRIV3R for the Game Boy Advance features huge environments, character and vehicle control, and intricate collisions, to create the ultimate Hollywood driving adventure for a handheld device.

The game consists of a single enormous 'Undercover' game mode which encompasses missions and driving mini-games. The 25 missions tell the tale of a jaw breaking, no-holds-barred undercover cop and master "Wheelman", Tanner, as he infiltrates the local and international underworld. The first 12 missions take place in Miami with the remainder set in the French city of Nice. With over 30 miles of streets to explore in each city, the player is free at any time to take a rest from the missions and go for a casual ride around town, gun in hand, in one of the more than 25 vehicles available. Alternatively they can chose to test their mettle playing one of the driving mini-games, including Slalom, Checkpoint, Trailblazer and Destruction.

"Driver is one of Atari's major franchises, with a proven audience and following," said Marc Metis, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Atari, Inc. "We are excited to extend this latest version of the brand to the handheld market with a Game Boy Advance offering."

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