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DemonWare Working On X360 Network Middleware

by Rainier on July 28, 2005 @ 8:48 a.m. PDT

DemonWare today announced that it is providing support for the Xbox 360 and multiplayer titles being released on the platform. Having worked closely with Microsoft for the last 6 months on the 360 dev-kits, DemonWare is the first network middleware company to offer a full next-gen solution to developers and publishers for networking and all technical aspects of online gameplay.

"The future is online and DemonWare is helping Microsoft and the game development community get there faster," said Tracey Frankcom, Program Manager, Xbox Tools and Middleware. "We are convinced that the first Xbox 360 titles will set new standards in the online experience and DemonWares' groundbreaking network middleware will play a big role in that."

"We are very happy to be supporting the Xbox 360 platform from launch. Studios will be able to get up and running fast and deliver even greater online experiences utilizing the power of this new console", said Sean Blanchfield, CTO DemonWare.

DemonWare provides a complete range of network tools for studios and publishers working on multiplayer titles. DemonWare Netcode is widely regarded as being the most developer-friendly network middleware available and is being used in a number of AAA titles being released across all console platforms in 2005.

DemonWare Core State Engine Features Include:

  • NAT/Firewall Traversal: state-of-the-art techniques to negotiate complex routing setups
  • Compatibility: Supports Havok, RenderWare, SN Systems, Codewarrior.
  • Integrate Anytime: incorporate at the beginning or the end of your development
  • Voice: supports all in-game communications
  • Packet Amalgamation: avoids header/payload ratio inefficiencies
  • Reliable Messaging: switch reliability on or off at a fine granularity and configure acceptable delivery timeframes on a per-message basis
  • Bandwidth Arbitration: ensures smooth network play for users
  • Encryption: secure communications with low overhead

Network Specific Features Include:

  • DemonWare P2P (Peer-to-Peer)
    • Framework for synchronized simulation
    • Latency compensation
    • Automatic host migration
    • Support mid-game joining
    • Supports prediction, extrapolation and interpolation
  • DemonWare CS (Client Server)
    • Client-side prediction
    • Delta compression
    • Extrapolation and interpolation
    • Selective updating (LoD, BSP)
    • Interpolation breaks.

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