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NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sports Interactive

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'NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005' - v2.0.2 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 29, 2005 @ 4:24 a.m. PDT

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 offers players more management control than ever before. Take complete control, build and shape your roster by trading players, signing free agents and drafting new talent, all the while taking your team along the road to glory.

Get the NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 v2.0.2 patch off WP (15mb)


Fixed duplicate regular season champions news items
Fixed missing endings on regular season champions text for some leagues
Tweaking the game summary/roundup news
Award news item titles are now just the name of the award
Award news items now show the award description if available
Tuned the reaction to media responses (from players, board and fans)
Team in financial trouble news items are now a bit more common, and always show up for human teams
Made some general team media news items come up a bit more often
Fixed problem where some news items wouldn't come up for Canadian NHL teams
Fixed selection of a nonplayer to speak about different teams in the media - now tries to use someone from the same league
Added coaching record to head coach appointed/fired news items
Fixed player_search.cpp error messages on the news screen for scout news items
Fixed missing player name from trade cancelled at deadline news text
Fixed national team game played news items, not telling you about some prospects
Fixed national team game played getting the captain's stats mixed up with other players
Fixed some years where the All Stars Skills Competition was skipped
Fixed scores being round the wrong way in Skills Comp news
Added news item when your players play in an All Star game (same news as when they play for the national team)
Fixed regular season matchups totals for playoff draw news
Player streak news now gets sent to the team who own rights on the player
Fixed player induction into Hall of Fame news
Retirement news now sent around a bit more
Fixed match summary news shootout scorelines
FIxed some problems with the All Star buildup news for some allstar games
Fixed problem where player bio for teams in inactive leagues didn't show the stats when you're in the playoffs
Entry draft event news text now updates the pick so it correctly records whether you've traded for a #1 pick after the news item was created
Fixed problem with some teams not getting a board expecations news item at the start of a new season


Fixing the player bio screen sometimes saying that a player is disappointed not to have reached the playoffs, when their team did reach them
Added sorting to all of the columns in the in-game hall of fame screen
Added sorting to disable columns in the team screen personnel view
Form string(last 10 games) in playoffs now shows the form from that scope (comp screens)
Fixed some problems in the staff screen for regenerated chairmen
Fixed award titlebar and news item images
Fixed a crash in the staff profile screen scout report section
Fixed a crash in the staff profile history(achievments) section
Fixed the hyperlink to a team's league info screen for the fixture line items for exhibition games with teams in inactive leagues
Fixed see also menu for Slovenia, to make sure all teams in the Elite League and Interliga can see other teams in the same divison. And fixed for All Star teams too.
Fixed match screen shootout events for colourblind skin
League info screen fixes for inconsistencies between match rules in active/inactive leagues
Added NHL totals view for the draft screen
Human team needs screen no longer shows "Continue" text in the middle of the Head Coach opinion
Fixed titlebar for create note/appeal ban screen for someone who is a free agent
Client can't change the wage format in a network game
Fixed navigation between previous years in the player history screen
Fixed deleting of players on the shortlist screen
Added calendar panel to the create note screen to set a reminder date
Can now draft the suggested player straight from the draft suggestion screen


Fixed problem with starting FUTURE_TRANSFER signings from free agency to a North American team
Tweaked nonplayer interest in joining a team in a foreign country
Made sure that when a player is placed on the block, that other teams assess him
When a player signs a contract as a nonplayer for the same team, he is now removed from the team selection/lines
Fixed foreigner limit for NHL teams
NHL contracted players with two-way clauses are easier to loan out to low minors
Canadian major junior teams can now offer players on loan only to lower level junior leagues in their own region
Making it easier for human managers to get a national team job
Defected players NHL rights to be kept up to date properly
Tuning the trades/transfers
Roster manager tweak for overagers to rather be sent to AHL than back to junior
Limited the amount of money available to offer to free agents if already made offers
Made sure that players don't always hate you when you transfer list them
Fixed GM/Head Coach problem when taking over a team with someone in this role - he now gets set to be the head coach
US kids should choose US juniors instead of CJAHL before college etc
European player value tweaks
Renewed contracts should not reset the bonus triggers
Made sure that long-term injured players don't lose their value in trades

Match Engine

Excluded ejected players and players in the penalty box from taking part in shootouts
Added support for custom music in the match events
Tweaked defensive AI
Tweaked offensive d-men AI
Tweaked tactics effect on amount and type of penalties
Tweaked practice (pp/pk) effects on plays
Tweaked motivational levels of players in long streaks of wins or losses


Overtime in exhibition tournaments now works correctly
Appeals for 1 game bans now happen straight away and any others get processed after just one day instead of 2
Made sure that when a team wins the playoff final, the Head Coach gets a suitable reputation boost
Slovenian Interliga 3rd Place Playoff is now best of 5, not best of 7
Slovenian Interliga winners now get processed correctly
Players who win the Stanley Ciup 5 times in their career now always get into the hall of fame
Fixed the records_config for pre-game NHL records
Fixed Swedish Elitserien playoff seedings. First seed and second seed now cannot meet until the final
Fixed home/away swapping between games for the Finnish Elite League semifinals
Fixed recording of shootout wins/losses for the AAL-4 standings
Fixed selection of match officials for Slovenian Elite League
Brought the Slovenian training camp forward a bit, so it closes before the transfer deadline doe
Fixed Slovenian Elite league roster limits
Memorial Cup first stage goes into continuous overtime until we get a winner
Changed win points for Interliga to 3 for a regular win, and 2 for an OT win
Changed Interliga so games go to 1 OT period if level after regular time
Winners, runners up and third placed teams from Slovenian Elite League now go into the next season's Interliga
AAL-4 shootout wins now award 2 points instead of 1
World Championships fix - Group A teams play Group D, and Group B play Group C
Fixed scheduling clashes that shouldn't happen (eg Deutschland Cup interfering with NHL)
Fixed friendlies being recheduled due to international games
DEL TV money added
DEL and ITA promotions now process relevant staff_records function
Added a news item for when a team gets to host the Memorial Cup
Fixed problem where a team was relegated and promoted again on the same day (DEL and ITA)
Canada and US U20 teams to hire managers for each tournament separately
Fixed Swedish playoff format
2006 World Championships host is Latvia
Fixed players becoming eligible for waivers between when the protected list was submitted, and the waiver draft
Shootout winner now adds a game winning goal to the stats for the Finnish League, and the DEL
NHL Rookie fix - if player has played less than 6 games in his 2 seasons in the NHL, then he's not a rookie.
Fixed least wins/points club records
Fixed Can-Rus AllStars problem with viewing boxscores
Fixed Can-Rus AllStars teams not being picked


Fixed coach of the season awards always picking the same coaches
Fixed year awards mentioning a player's old team instead of his new team
Added award description texts for the AHL and ECHL
Fixed mixed up DEL awards
Tweaking the award scoring for the Adams, Clancy and Masterton NHL awards (generic changes for other ones too)


Fixed match report printouts taking 1 goal off the home/away teams when the game never went to overtime
Players can only be sent to rehab if their currrent injury is the same as their recurring injury
Added "stripnews" command line switch to stop the game from loading old news items when restoring a saved game
Fixed head caoches being fired by your board when you're not coaching games
Fixed players at non-Slovenian Interliga teams getting a Slovenian second nationality after 5 or 10 seasons
Fixed stats duplication for players moved between teams on the last day of the season
Made sure when someone retires, nobody can still be waiting on a scout report on him
Can't get a coach or physio report for a nonplayer, or offer him out on loan
Fixed missing column for AAL-4 table in printouts
Fixed incorrect winning percentage rule in some conferences in league standings printouts
Fixed training players to a new position
Applying personal instructions automatically to all position slots after loading tactics
CAN U-20 managers to be chosen from CHL teams
Regen tweaking
Training tweaks
NHL finance tweaks
Fixed chance of shirt number being retired when a player retires from hockey
Miscellaneous data fixes
Fixed Austrian team affiliations
Improved stability of some areas of the game when running with a corrupt(edited) database


Fixed some miscellaneous issues with the North American English translation
Some French translation fixes
Italian translation added

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