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Incagold Signs Three InterActive Vision Titles For German Distribution

by Rainier on July 5, 2005 @ 9:02 a.m. PDT

IncaGold is pleased to announce that it has acquired the German-language rights to three titles from InterActive Vision Games, Red Skies Over Europe, Chain of Command and Chain of Command: Eastern Front.

"Red Skies Over Europe" allows players to choose a side, AXIS or USSR, and fly historically based missions in the skies above Stalingrad and Berlin, in some of the most memorable planes from WWII. With a focus on high paced arcade action the gamer will feel the adrenaline rush as they look for each target. The game features highly realistic aircraft, advanced weather simulations and detailed landscapes, offering the player an exciting gaming experience.

"Chain of Command" sees the player take control of American forces during a WWII campaign that stretches from North Africa to Normandy. The game has an intuitive learning curve that starts the player in control of only a small squad of soldiers, and progressively introduces more troops until the player is in command of a full attack force in the final, concluding missions. Realistic 3D environments offer a true-to-life WWII experience. Every decision players make are vital. One wrong move and history could be re-written!

"Chain of Command: Eastern Front" is the next in the Chain of Command series. In this game the player battles his way from Berlin to Warsaw and on to Stalingrad. Realistic 3D environments and weather conditions offer an authentic look and feel to the game.

"InterActive Vision and members of IncaGold's management team first worked together in the nineties," says Martin Toerring, VP of Sales & Licensing at InterActive Vision Games. "It is a pleasure to once again be joining forces, and we look forward to expanding our cooperation in the future."

"This is a partnership that should prove highly successful for IncaGold and Interactive in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, when the games are released in Q3 and Q4 of this year," says Richard M. Holmes, CEO of IncaGold plc. The games will have a retail price of between €19.99 and €29.99 in Germany and Austria, and equivalent in Switzerland and will be available at all major retail chains. Richard M. Holmes added, "We are extremely excited to have acquired the rights to such high quality titles and look forward to a continued fruitful relationship between the two companies."

Peter Hofschro¨er, COO of IncaGold plc and responsible for the company's publishing operation added, "IncaGold is expanding its sales operations to cover all major territories around the world and will soon be able to offer developers a one-stop shop for publishing mass-market games globally."

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