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'Tokobot' (PSP) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on July 5, 2005 @ 12:20 p.m. PDT

Tecmo proudly announced today that its newest PSP action/adventure title, Tokobot, plans to hit store shelves nationwide in November 2005. The first PSP game to be developed by Tecmo promises to bring hours of fun portable game play while capturing your imagination as players take on the role of the young hero Bolt, a quick thinking agent who has discovered some friendly, highly advanced robots called Tokobots, during his explorations of ancient ruins. 

"We are very excited about our first PSP game. Its addictive and unique Team Combo' gameplay coupled with the quirky and cool styling of the Tokobots will make for a great gaming experience for all ages," Andrea Frechette, Tecmo's Marketing Manager, said. 

Tokobot's unique concept, fun style, and addictive team combo game play will have gamers playing the portable game for hours on end to try to come up with new ways to combine the Tokobots in order to complete each action-packed level.  Beginning with six Tokobots, the player will collect more of the loyal and lovable Tokobots as they move through the game and earn points. As the game continues and the challenges increase, the player must strategically utilize Bolt and the Tokobots in new and innovative combinations in order to create the ultimate combo called the "Karakuri Combination", which will morph the little Tokobots into one large robot. Only then will the player be able to overcome the largest obstacles and beat the biggest bosses in the game.

Once the player has successfully completed the game, the fun continues as they will be able to unlock special mini games. In these special mini games, players will get the chance to once again play with the Tokobots in new and exciting ways.  

More information on Tokobot will be revealed in the months to come so stay tuned!

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