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'Lawmaker' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on July 7, 2005 @ 8:56 a.m. PDT

Immerse yourself into the chaos of the 19th century gold rush as Colt Kaufman, a man caught in a degenerative struggle for money, power, and revenge in the western FPS Lawmaker. Harnesses breathtaking visual effects and the power of an intense, tightly knit single player storyline, Lawmaker will create a game that completely consumes the player in a world as grand as the old legends of the Wild West.

Coming home to Kaufman for the first time in ten years, you find a butchered father, a mother forced into hiding, and an inferno of greed fueled by deception. Old friends have become new enemies, and the word “trust” is a tattered remnant of days gone by. In a town where silence is the weapon of choice, who can you turn to when your back’s against the wall? It’s up to you to reap revenge upon your father’s murderer, but the killer’s scent grows colder by the hour.

Game Highlights

  • Evade arrest, battle enemies, and hunt down human prey in large expansive environments (2.5 square miles each) that will immerse you into the Wild West of legend where the Law is just a suggestion and the Gun Hand rules the day.
  • Put your trigger finger to the test in SHOWDOWN mode where a quicker draw determines who’s famous and who’s filling a pine box.
  • Write yourself into the annals of Lawmaker history by becoming the richest man in Kaufman through bounty hunting, mission sets, mugging, bank heists, and buying businesses, or try your hand at gambling by taking on the top tiers of card sharks at Poker and Blackjack.
  • Become a wanted man and watch the bounty on your head rise radically when you breed chaos and wreak havoc on the patrons of Kaufman. Then see if you have what it takes to elude both Lawmen and Bounty Hunters when your head is on the butcher’s block.
  • Become a legend of the west by building up your LEGENDARY status. Drive it all the way up and take control of virtually any character in the town. What will you do when you have a minion to do your every bidding?
  • Think you know the best weapon combinations? Put your theory to the test by creating your own customizable Dual Weapon Hotkey Combinations.
  • Feet getting tired? Jump on horseback and leave your enemies in the dust, instill fear in pedestrians, or do battle with anybody who thinks they have the mettle to bring you down.
  • Engage in legendary gun battles, bank heists, and gang wars of the real Old West. Fight side by side with history’s most celebrated lawmen or be the triggerman for a notorious gang as they pull off bank jobs throughout the county.

Lose yourself in the old Wild West as you brawl your way through a bevy of breathtaking settings including large estates, plantations, docks, mansions, and a riverboat, just to name a few. When you’re not busy fighting for your life in one of those locales, amble your way through one of the multiple expansive environments. There you can hang with the hoodlums in the poorer parts of town or you can wrap yourself in the security of the law-abiding sections. Whether you elect to live life on the edge or revel in the nightlife is up to you. You choose your own destination, path, and, possibly, destiny.

Level Highlights

  • Multiple large interactive environments
  • A battery of Single Player indoor and outdoor missions
  • Astonishing visual characterization of the real Wild West with goal-driven A.I., photo-realistic imagery, and a rich storyline
  • Staggering environmental effects such as tornadoes, dust storms, and lightning.
  • Relentless, fast-paced action that leaves you on the edge of your seat

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