Taxi 3: Extreme Rush

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Fusionlabs
Developer: Team6 Game Studios

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'Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush' - 6 New Screens

by Rainier on July 8, 2005 @ 1:11 p.m. PDT

Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush is a high end racing game in which you dash frantically through the city of London in order to pick up and drop off passengers.

You're having a really bad day and just to make things worse some low life criminal has stolen your precious and somewhat unique black cab! With your in-depth knowledge of the City from major route ways to the minor side streets you scour the urban jungle for clues to the whereabouts of your particular black cab.

At that point the driver of an awesome looking sports car screeches to a halt right next to you. He recognises you immediately, after all you are the owner of the only supercharged twin V8 black cab in London, which kind of makes you stand out in the crowd.

With his long list of driving contacts, many of which are within the underground racing scene, your newly acquired friend offers to help you trace your missing cab. In a bid to gain information and clues to the whereabouts of your precious cab, you will have to play the part of an undercover street racer, calling on all your driving skills and abilities to earn greater respect and trust from your fellow racers. But as the man said, "Don't expect and easy ride!"


  • Taxi 3, Extreme Rush Utilises (EHQ) Extreme High Quality Graphics & Physics Engine.
  • Features both Urban Street Racing & Street Drag Racing.
  • Playable in Single Player, 4 Player Co-Operation & Multiplayer Modes.
  • Take up the Challenge, Prove Yourself against Other Street Racers On-Line!
  • Choose from 10 Customisable Vehicles.
  • 25 Race Routes through the detailed City of London.
  • Experience Adrenaline-Fuelled Police chases.

"We are very pleased to have secured this title, which compliments our existing range of product. With a suggested retail price of £9.99 this title is a must for all the petrol heads out there," commented Andy Law, Managing Director of Fusion Software.

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