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'KUON' (PS2) - 3 New Screens

by Rainier on July 8, 2005 @ 3:53 p.m. PDT

Digital Jesters announced it will bring KUON, a PS2 exclusive period-based survival horror game, to the UK this fall. Developed and published by From Software in Japan, KUON is a one-of-a-kind weapon and magic based horror game offering novel gameplay mechanics, thought-provoking puzzles, mind-bending mini-games and a truly fascinating storyline.

Set in the visually stunning Heian era (794-1192 A.D.) of ancient Japan , KUON features beautiful 3D-graphics with shocking CG cut-scenes to create an unforgettable horror-adventure that is sure to keep players on the edge of their seat. KUON is based on an ancient type of Japanese horror story (Kwaidan). It beckons gamers to a dark and gruesome castle in the Japanese town of Kyoto where mutated creatures and unimaginable horrors await the multiple playable characters. When the story starts, players can choose to play: “ Chapter of Shadow” as Utuski , a teenage girl in search of her father, Doman – the local exorcist (Onmyoji) – who was sent to the castle with a few of his followers to investigate strange occurrences; or “Chapter of Light” as Sakuya, one of Doman's followers. After finishing both chapters, the “Chapter of Kuon” begins and the real horrific truth can be discovered as players assume the role of a master Onmyoji.

KUON's unsettling storyline and haunting moral connotations are achieved through gory visuals and vivid imagery, yet it also possesses the artistic and cultural beauty of classical ornaments and the famous kimono form of dress. T he tune of Japanese Taiko Drums and the dark hymns of children are heard throughout the night. Residents wander like ghosts, and hungry demons creep in the darkness . Stave off the attacks of grotesque monsters in real-time 3D with Heian-period weaponry and the exorcism art of Onmyojitsu. Learn new spells from scrolls found throughout the castle that allow players to cast magic and summon over a dozen different creatures to do their bidding. Uncovering the disturbing plot, one twist at a time, relies on players' quick reflexes, ability to solve challenging puzzles, mini-games and a sturdy will to stand up to nightmarish world of unimaginable psychological horrors.


  • Uncut & Uncensored - See the Directors Original Vision of Horror.
  • Dual language version allows you to choose your voice over allowing for deeper immersion into the Japanese setting and time period.
  • Authentic localization keeping the game faithful to the Japanese sensation.
  • A dark 3D adventure that comes to life in stunning detail with atmospheric lighting, shadows, and special effects.
  • Battle Demons in Real-Time combat using magic, summons and traditional Heian weaponry.
  • You are prey to some of the most visually stunning and imaginative monsters ever seen.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II Sound – Experience explosive audio you can feel as well as hear.

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