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'Enigma Rising Tide - Gold Edition' Finally Coming To The UK

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2005 @ 8:27 a.m. PDT

UK computer games distributor Contact Sales is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution deal with Tesseraction Games to distribute the eagerly anticipated updated PC version of Enigma Rising Tide - Gold Edition in the UK and Scandinavia. The product will be available in late August 2005 and published under the Tesseraction Games label.

Picture the scene. You've been booted out of the Royal Navy and have been on the rock and roll for six weeks. Tired of watching endless repeats of Trisha and Quincy on BBC1, you find yourself missing the pleasure of firing 40mm bofors or 20mm oerlikons at fast-moving enemy ships from the deck of your destroyer. What do you do? You get your hands on a copy of Enigma Rising Tide – Gold Edition, that's what.

The original version of Enigma Rising Tide, published in 2003, garnered an enormous amount of critical acclaim worldwide. The Gold Edition benefits from a number of additions including new missions, new weapons, remodelled ships with improved textures, more dynamic special effects, direct control of environmental effects, a fully repurposed interface for improved functionality and improved voice command performance. The complete Enigma Rising Tide soundtrack is also included.

Enigma Rising Tide - Gold Edition places you at the helm of a variety of surface ships and submarines in the role of an American, German or League of Free Nations admiral. You get to sail with and against thousands of other players deploying deck guns, torpedoes, hedgehogs and depth charges. Communicate with your teammates in encrypted chat channels, evade deadly torpedo aircraft and pluck salvage from the wreckage of enemy vessels. Pit your destroyer against enemy wolf packs or stalk fat merchantmen from the murky depths.

Simultaneously combining elements from first-person shooters, role-playing and strategy games, Enigma Rising Tide - Gold Edition provides an exciting and unique multi-styled gaming experience combined with an ultra-realistic ocean environment, dynamic weather conditions and realistically modelled ships, submarines and aircraft.

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