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'Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport' Multiplayer Arena Map Contest

by Rainier on Aug. 12, 2005 @ 1:25 a.m. PDT

Digital Jesters and AMD are offering gamers moonlighting as level designers the chance to see their efforts realized as a downloadable multiplayer map for the first-person shooter, Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport. Prizes? $3,000 cash, an AMD AthlonTM 64 FX-57 processor-based system worth $3,000, as well as a full range of Digital Jesters games and exclusive merchandise.

"We are looking to give the supporters of the game and all eligible members of the mod community a chance to be involved at roots level with Bet on Soldier," said Leo Zullo, marketing director and co-founder, Digital Jesters. "This is an exciting opportunity for gamers to be rewarded for creating a map they are ultimately going to enjoy playing."

The contest will also feature runner-up prizes including AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processors and cash prizes – not to mention the kudos of potentially having their labour of love appear on the official site as a downloadable level for the Bet On Soldier community worldwide.

Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport, due for release in September, will be optimized to take full advantage of the 64-bit AMD Athlon 64 FX processor. The competition gives everyone a chance to let their imagination run wild, designing a level that will push this technology to the absolute limits.

Levels need to be designed with a good appreciation in mind of what makes a worthy multiplayer map, using 3D Max (version 5.1) and featuring environment textures, models and a description of the different gameplay mechanics (i.e., spawn points, ticket points, physical moving objects, etc.)

This competition will start on August 12th and end on September 30, 2005. All submissions should be sent in 3D Max file types.

For more information on the competition, complete details about entries, and for the official rules, head to

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