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Silver Wings

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Bampsuht!

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'Silver Wings' - Screens & Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 12, 2005 @ 3:02 p.m. PDT

Silver Wings is a 3D arcade top-down shooter developed by Romanian independent studio Bampusht. Using the original Quake engine, Silver wings is a classic arcade game in the style of Tyrian or Raptor.

Get the Silver Wings demo off WP (70mb)

Silver Wings boasts an actual story, or rather a long range of dialogues that convey the story. These dialogues are alert and dynamic, each character having its own personality, background and motivation, and every line of dialogue is spoken, adding up to over a whole hour of speech. This adds greatly to the atmosphere of the game, providing the most immersive experience ever seen in a game of this genre. Also, unlike other games of the genre, where the playing character is virtually inexistent, and is simply referred to as "the player" or "you", Silver Wings has two distinct playable characters, each with it’s own unique personality and style.

Unlike other games of the genre where your objective is to simply kill everything that moves, and by doing so "save the world", in Silver Wings, your primary objective is survival. The two playable characters are caught in the middle of a solar-system-wide crisis and, most of the time, are fighting to stay alive. We chose this approach over the traditional one because it had an increased sense of realism. We wanted Silver Wings to be a "believable" game and everything, including the game-play was designed with this in mind. Enemies collide with, instead of passing through, each other; explosions and impact with enemy ships throws you back; while "money" and other power-ups must be collected from the battlefield, instead of getting added to your reserves automatically, which often means placing yourself at risk. Every level of the game and every wave of enemies has a "safe spot" that ensures survival with only minimum damage, however, the promise of "money" and power-ups will often lure the player away from these safe spots, and players will often find themselves overwhelmed by the enemy if they get greedy. The player must permanently evaluate the risks and opportunities of every level in order to decide their next move, also, the random factor in the drop-rate of power-ups and "money" ensures that no two playing experiences are the same and that there are no "recipes" for level completion. All of this, combined with the differences between each playable character also serves to give the game a high replay factor.

Features :

  • 2 distinct playable characters, each with its own unique personality and style
  • 3 environments stretching over more than 30 levels
  • over 30 different enemies including huge mutated bosses
  • 15 upgradable ship sub-systems (including the Gatling Automatic Turret, the Firebug FJ, the SAABIAR Dampening Array and the almighty Epsilon 5 Molecular Disruptor), each with 3 different upgrade levels
  • 4 different difficulty settings including "Adaptive"
  • intermission video briefings
  • full speech in-game dialogues
  • full screen cinematic movies
  • original immersive soundtrack
  • state-of-the-art graphics including 3D ships, amazing particle effects, bump and specular mapping, dynamic lighting, weather and fog effects, underwater caustics and many more, all powered by award winning 3D technology.

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