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'Suikoden Tactics' (PS2) Coming To North America

by Judy on Aug. 17, 2005 @ 2:31 p.m. PDT

Konami today announced that Suikoden Tactics for the PS 2 will be available in November 2005. Suikoden Tactics is set before, during and after the events of Suikoden IV and the game follows the adventures of a young new hero, Kyril as he uncovers the dark secrets behind the magical Rune Cannons.

Breaking from the series' traditional role-playing roots, this title incorporates simulation and strategy elements that take players on an all-new fantastical adventure. Successfully blending classic Suikoden and RPG elements that fans of the renowned series have come to expect with new features and game mechanics, Suikoden Tactics offers players an original and robust gameplay experience.

By exploring the game's vast and stunning environments, players will encounter numerous characters from which they can build their party. The colorful cast, each one highly stylized and artistically created, includes over 20 new characters as well as many that were featured in Suikoden IV. The ability to coordinate troops and strengthen a character's skills at anytime throughout the game will aid players in the battles that await them. However, the true challenge lies in trying to outmaneuver opponents on the battlefield. The inclusion of a new 'Ground Elemental System', where the ground itself is imbued with power of the elements adds a dynamic new level of strategic gameplay to the genre.

As in past Suikoden games, during battle, players will be able to execute a wide variety of 'Combination Attacks' that will result in extravagant and exciting scene effects. Also, the newly implemented visual strategic system allows players to determine the status of their troops and foes through a series of status icons – alleviating the need to access menus that distract from the heat of battle.

The Suikoden series launched in 1995 in Japan and was released in the U.S. on the PlayStation game console in December of 1996. Instantly hailed as one of the most innovative RPGs, Suikoden delivered a unique battle system, an intriguing storyline with numerous plot twists and multiple endings to provide a fun experience for all RPG fans. Since its debut, the Suikoden series has received numerous industry accolades for being one of the top RPG games of all time.

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