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Koch Media Signs Co-Publishing Agreement For 'World Forces: War on Terror'

by Rainier on Aug. 18, 2005 @ 3:27 a.m. PDT

Koch Media and Monte Cristo announced their partnership to release World Forces: War on Terror on PC under the Deep Silver brand. World Forces: War on Terror is a tactical, arcade style RTS, which is set in the very near future, utilizing the modern weaponry of tomorrow.

One of the game's new enhancements is to mix the realistic graphics and environment, with an easy to learn, fun and entertaining arcade game style. 26+ levels built based on real settings (such as Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Canterbury, Beijing, etc.) and by that the player can fight great battles at well known locations.

The problems could be solved by different tactics, aid by the 50 unique units with over 60 unique skills. The player can take his surviving units to the next missions and even he can take the captured enemy vehicles too! The 3 campaigns will require different tactics, different play style, since the 3 sides of the game has unique special features. One of the most challenging features is to capture enemy vehicles and use it in our own arsenal and by that we can beat our opponent with his own weaponry. Replayability is provided by the complex and unique reward system, the freedom of choosing any kind of army and endless multiplayer experience with many different multiplayer game modes, including well known modes (such as CTF or DM) and introducing new modes too (Objective mode and Conquer mode).

WOFOR: War on Terror is:

  • Tactical, arcade RTS
  • Modern setting in a fictional (but near realistic) near alternative future
  • known settings with realistic graphics
  • 50 unique units with 60 unique skills
  • 3 campaigns with 3 unique sides
  • Great scale of battles from sneaking infiltration to great tank battles
  • The levels can be solved by different tactics
  • Possibility to capture any enemy vehicles
  • Unique reward system
  • Unique resource management including buying new units on the field and army management
  • Many multiplayer modes from the known CTF to the unique OBJECTIVE Mode, for 2-8 players in 2-8 teams
  • Random multiplayer map generator
  • 26+ Single player levels
  • 18+ hand-crafted multiplayer levels

The game is anticipated for launch quarter one, 2006.

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