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Climax Expands Its Los Angeles Studio With Key Talent

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2005 @ 8:24 a.m. PDT

Climax announces today that Erik Gloersen is appointed as the new Climax LA Studio Head. Joining Gloersen will be an elite creative team credited with many award winning titles including: Medal of Honor, GoldenEye, Call of Duty and Spiderman.

Gloersen has an illustrious 18 year track-record in the games industry. He founded FunCom in '93, growing it into one of the most successful game development companies in Europe as its President & CEO. Gloersen then became the Managing Director of Looking Glass Studios. During his tenure the studio tripled in size and developed the critically acclaimed titles System Shock 2 and established new IPs including the Thief series. Infogrames later hired Gloerson as Vice President of Product Development where he helped build their Los Angeles publishing studio. More recently, Gloersen worked on GoldenEye: Rogue Agent at Electronic Arts Los Angeles. He joins Climax LA from Turbine where he was the Studio Manager.

Gloersen stated: "Climax LA has all the components of a successful studio; great technology, talented and creative staff and a consistent track-record for delivering games on time and on budget. My vision for Climax LA is to further elevate the studio from its current 'premier' status into one of the industry's elite developers. The initiation of an aggressive recruitment campaign and our focus on creating unique gameplay experiences that are polished, tuned and then polished some more will no doubt ensure we're able to cream off the very best talent our industry has to offer."

Joining Gloersen at Climax LA is a prestigious and experienced team that will help the companies LA studio set the new bench mark in game quality. Lead Artist Vanessa Miles, Lead Designer Jeremy Parker and Designer Matt Sophos will reinforce this skilled squad at Climax's Los Angeles Studio.

The new creative team includes:

Vanessa Miles an experienced Lead Artist who was previously at Electronic Arts Los Angeles. Her most recent positions being Multiplayer Lead Artist on GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Lead Artist on Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Ms. Miles was also a Lead Artist on EA's hugely successful Medal of Honor: Frontline.

Jeremy Parker as a Lead Designer brings invaluable experience to the studio from Treyarch where he worked on a series of very successful Spider-Man games. Parker previously worked on Ultimate Spider-Man and Call of Duty: Finest Hour. In addition, Parker's experience on Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: The Movie makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Matt Sophos an accomplished video game designer who was previously at Electronic Arts Los Angeles where he worked on Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Sophos also worked on other successful Medal of Honor titles including Allied Assault: Breakthrough and Allied Assault: Spearhead. Before joining Electronic Arts, Sophos worked on Anachronox at Ion Storm.

This latest addition of new talent will enhance Climax LA's development and production team, as it ramps up its development for upcoming titles.

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