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Atari Revenue Plummets, Reports Loss

by Judy on Aug. 9, 2005 @ 5:21 p.m. PDT

Atari today announced financial results for Q1 2006, ended June 30, 2005. Net revenue was $24.2M, down from $108.1M from Q1 2005, and net loss for the quarter was $32.8M, compared to net income of $12.1M at this time last year. The revenue drop is primarily due to the success of last year's DRIV3R (PS2/Xbox) and Atari's decision to release fewer products in order to focus on producing higher quality titles. Read more for further details ...

Net revenue for the quarter ended June 30, 2005, was $24.2 million, excluding approximately $0.3 million of revenue from the discontinued operations of Humongous, versus $108.1 million, excluding approximately $2.2 million of revenue from the discontinued operations of Humongous, in the comparable year-earlier period. The change in quarterly revenue is primarily attributable to the June 2004 release of DRIV3R (PS2 and Xbox), which ranked as the #2 PS2 title and #5 Xbox title in the U.S., and the Company's decision to release fewer SKUs in fiscal 2006 compared to fiscal 2005 in order to focus on releasing higher quality titles. Publishing net revenue excluding discontinued operations was $12.8 million versus $97.5 million in the prior year, while distribution revenue was $11.4 million versus $10.6 million in the comparable year-earlier period.

Net loss for the fiscal 2006 first quarter was $32.8 million, or $0.27 per share, compared to net income of $12.1 million, or $0.10 per share, in the year earlier period. Loss from continuing operations for the first quarter of fiscal 2006 was $30.5 million, or $0.25 per share, compared to income from continuing operations of $14.1 million, or $0.12 per share, in fiscal 2005. The Company previously announced on February 9, 2005, that it would begin to take steps to streamline its U.S. operations, including the closing of its studios in Santa Monica, California and Beverly, Massachusetts. In doing so, the Company recorded restructuring charges of $2.2 million in the first quarter of 2006. Excluding restructuring charges and losses from discontinued operations, the loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2006 would have been $28.3 million, or $0.23 per share.

"With many exciting advances happening within our industry and at Atari, we will continue to execute on our strategic initiatives in order to better position Atari for future growth," stated Bruno Bonnell, Chairman, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Atari. "Fiscal 2006 is a year of focus at Atari as we are committed to improving the Company's financial position, growing our market share on a global basis, capitalizing on technological innovations and releasing unique new products which appeal to both hardcore gamers and the mass-audience."

Atari's product lineup for the remainder of fiscal 2006 is expected to include the following new releases, among others:

  • Dragon Ball GT: Transformation (GBA)
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi (PS2)
  • Dragonshard (PC)
  • Duel Masters: Shadow Code (GBA)
  • Dungeons& Dragons Online (PC)
  • Indigo Prophecy (PS2, Xbox and PC)
  • Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (PS2, Xbox and PC)
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo (PS2, Xbox and PC)
  • Timeshift (PC, Xbox)
  • Tycoon City: New York (PC)

As a result of major shifts in product release dates and increased development investment for future product releases, it was necessary to secure waivers for failure to comply with first quarter financial covenants included in the Company's credit facility with HSBC Business Credit, the asset-based lending unit of HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and to obtain amendments to those covenants for the remainder of the Company's fiscal year. In support of its majority-owned subsidiary, IESA has agreed to provide financial backing to Atari to support Atari's operations and cash requirements. Such financial assistance may be provided through a variety of means, including additional funding, asset purchases, capital contributions, modifications of the terms of existing indebtedness and inter-company licensing arrangements, and/or other means.

Mr. Bonnell continued, "As a result of the support of IESA, we believe Atari will have the financial flexibility necessary to meet the current demands of our marketplace, be better positioned for future growth and the worldwide exploitation of owned and licensed IPs, engage leading development studios and secure new relationships with the best creative talent in the entertainment industry. There is substantial opportunity to expand our business going forward by focusing on product. Our path for the future of Atari is clear and, as evident from our actions, we believe we are positioning Atari to maximize the benefits of the continued growth and evolution of the interactive entertainment industry."

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