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New UK Publisher Reef Entertainment Emerges With 3 Launch Titles

by Rainier on Sept. 12, 2005 @ 11:13 a.m. PDT

Koch Media announce their partnership with UK publisher Reef Entertainment. The partnership secures Koch exclusive UK distribution rights for Reef's upcoming three PC titles for 2005, World War Zero, Dark Legion, WWII Tank Commander, all expected September 23. Read more for details on each title.

Dark Legion

Priced at £19.99, Dark Legion sets players on an epic quest of good against evil, as they command their hero and amass their army towards the ultimate battle. Players can train men-at-arms and archers in combat techniques, invest time in new technologies to sway the balance on the battlefield, or build huge siege engines of destruction, to bring walls crashing down. Take to the seas for naval combat, as players Admiral their fleets or conjure the ultimate magic spell to vanquish foes.

World War Zero

The year is 1964 and the First World War is still raging. Swinging Sixties psychedelia meets the relentless carnage of muddy trench warfare during World War One. This unique premise sets the setting for a high action game, across sixteen unique levels of mud-infested battle-scarred trenches, cities under martial law, secret weapons factories and nuclear power stations.

World War Zero immerses players in ultimate combat realism – aim for the head for instant kills, or shots at the leg to wound. Realistic projectile physics allow multiple target shots via ricochets. Hallucinogenic explosives wound and disorientate the player and enemies, while enemies can be distracted by creating diversionary noises. Rag-doll physics push for a 'Hollywood' style death, as enemies fall dramatically over ledges and off towers, within immense levels of destructible environments.

WWII Tank Commander

Explosions rock the sides of the Sherman tank, as you and your crew sit huddled inside, adrenaline pumping, ears ringing from the explosions, hands sweaty at the firing controls. Radio chatter from 65th armoured division fills your senses. Tigers are on the prowl. Straining to see through the letterbox view slit, you search through the smoke and haze, watching every movement, fearful that each second could be your last. Ordering your tank forward, you edge cautiously through the town, streets deserted of civilians. An Allied tank in front of you erupts into a fiery inferno. Panzer dead ahead. You order your turret to bear to target, shell loaded.

WWII Tank Commander immerses players into the heat of armoured tank combat, during World War II. Ride 1st or 3rd person perspectives in this action game, causing destruction in your wake. Enrolment is compulsory. Survival is optional.

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