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Taito Legends

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: SEGA/dtp/Empire Interactive
Developer: Empire Interactive

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SEGA Brings 'Taito Legends' (PS2/Xbox/PC) To North America - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 13, 2005 @ 12:51 p.m. PDT

Taito Legends features 29 arcade classics and spans nearly 30 years of gaming history. <br><br> <ul> <li>Space Invaders (1978)</li> <li> Phoenix(1980)</li> <li>Space Invaders Part 2 (1980)</li> <li>Colony 7 (1981)</li> <li>Electric Yoyo (1982)</li> <li>Jungle Hunt (1982)</li> <li> Zoo Keeper (1982)</li> <li>Elevator Action (1983)</li> <li>Great Swordsman (1984)</li> <li>Return of the Invaders (1985)</li> <li>Bubble Bobble (1986)</li> <li>Gladiator (1986)</li> <li>Tokio (1986)</li> <li>Exzisus (1987)</li> <li>Plump Pop (1987)</li> <li>Operation Wolf (1987)</li> <li>Rainbow Islands (1987)</li> <li>Rastan (1987)</li> <li>Super Qix (1987)</li> <li>The New Zealand Story (1988)</li> <li>Operation Thunderbolt (1988)</li> <li>Battle Shark (1989)</li> <li>Continental Circus (1989)</li> <li>Plotting (1989)</li> <li>Volfied (1989)</li> <li>Ninja Kids (1990)</li> <li>Space Gun (1990)</li> <li>Thunderfox (1990) </li> <li>Tube It (1993)</li> </ul>

Long-time video game fans can re-live fond memories of their first arcade experiences with Space Invaders (1978), Jungle Hunt (1982), Zoo Keeper (1982), and Elevator Action (1983). Players weaned on prior console ports of Bubble Bobble (1986), Operation Wolf (1987) and Rastan (1987) can finally play these games at home exactly as they appeared in arcades. And everybody will enjoy discovering forgotten classics like the addictive puzzler Tube-It (1993) and the hectic shooter Exzisus (1987).

"We are proud to partner with Empire Interactive to deliver the most extensive collection of arcade classics ever to be offered on a single disc," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Taito's library of games are as fun to play today as they were when they dominated arcades in the 80's and 90's."

"The retro game compilation market in the US is strong and Taito Legends is the most complete and historically significant arcade compilation ever assembled," said Ian Higgins, CEO Empire Interactive. "We are delighted to be working with SEGA with whom we have enjoyed a successful relationship over many years."

Taito Legends represents the first time most of these games have been made available on console and PC. The collection also offers a wealth of bonus material, including a comprehensive history of Taito and interviews with the designers of Space Invaders, Space Invaders part 2, Bubble Bobbble, Rainbow Islands and Volfied.

Complete Taito Legends Title List:

Space Invaders (1978), Phoenix(1980), Space Invaders Part 2 (1980), Colony 7 (1981), Electric Yoyo (1982), Jungle Hunt (1982), Zoo Keeper (1982), Elevator Action (1983), Great Swordsman (1984), Return of the Invaders (1985), Bubble Bobble (1986), Gladiator (1986), Tokio (1986), Exzisus (1987), Plump Pop (1987), Operation Wolf (1987), Rainbow Islands (1987), Rastan (1987), Super Qix (1987), The New Zealand Story (1988), Operation Thunderbolt (1988), Battle Shark (1989), Continental Circus (1989), Plotting (1989), Volfied (1989), Ninja Kids (1990), Space Gun (1990), Thunderfox (1990) Tube It (1993)

Taito Legends for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC will be available at major retailers on October 25, 2005.

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