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'Falcon 4.0: Allied Force' - v1.03 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 17, 2005 @ 3:13 p.m. PDT

Based on the legendary Falcon 4.0 F-16 combat flightsimulator, Allied Force features extensive improvements in all areas including artificial intelligence, graphics, multiplayer, terrain and of course the stunning real time, fully dynamic campaign engine. There is also a brand new theater of operation, the Balkans, in addition to revised campaigns for the Korean theater.

Get the Falcon 4.0: Allied Force trailer off WP (21mb)

This is a significant patch for Allied Force, introducing several new features such as multi-controller support and precision steerpoints using GPS co-ordinates for bombing runs. The patch improves every area of the simulation.


* ATC now responds correctly to "request landing number" radio calls.
* Fixed problem where ATC would occasionally identify itself wrongly.
* Training mission 09 Landing Final Approach wind direction has been changed to be correct.
* Request Landing radio call no longer adds the player's wingies to the ATC queue.
* CombatAP would use full afterburner forever, ignoring ATC instructions after a touch and go.
* ATC was not acknowledging the Abort Approach player radio call.
* ATC could sometimes clear the player immediately onto final approach even if they were at a high altitude. They now give vectors.
* Fix so that the correct tower responds correctly when the player is in Nav mode.


* Adjust altitude on AI climb-out to negotiate the mountains at Ivangrad.
* AI now ask for permission to attack ground targets if player has IP or target WP selected.
* Removed enemy ships too close to allied coastline.
* In specific instances, a 2D map flight unit could not change its heading until it reached the map border.
* You can now join a flight that has taken off from a runway which has been destroyed after the takeoff of this flight. Previously one was not able to join these flights.


* Precision steerpoints can now be entered into the ICP. This allows players who recon the target in the mission screen to enter precise attack co-ordinates and create a steerpoint on the HSD and HUD at that exact point.
* For a ground radar in STP mode, the cursor snaps to the entered precise steerpoint position.
* F1 key does not cycle ACM modes anymore. If in an ACM mode and pushing F1, the Radar returns to RWS mode.
* Trees removed from Air to Ground radar display.
* Bullseye mode now preserved between 3D and 2D.
* EPU is no longer switched on when you join a flight in the air.
* Allow external lights functions in simplified avionics.
* AIM-9 no longer warmed when the MasterArm is set to SAFE.
* MasterArm status no longer saved/restored in cockpit configuration.
* Correction to prevent going into ACM Modes in MRM mode.
* Fixed bug where the RWR could end up in an endless loop thinking a missile was launched.
* Fix bug where an empty Hardpoint would be selected after launching a HARM, then switching to an AA mode and back to HARM again.
* DTOS Box can only be slewed if the HUD is the SOI.
* Adjustment of how missile Rmax2 ranges gets calculated from Rmax1.
* The gear down indicator lights will now show correctly when gear is damaged.


* New data for 2005 and 2010 theaters (weapons and loadouts)
* 3D/2D damage changes: now scales per veh/weapon (M-60, T-80, T90, etc).
* Adjustments to sam firing and threat circles. Also they fire now at higher ranges according to altitude.
* Buildings cleared from runways and AAA / SAM units from structures.
* New F-16 CCIP versions for 2005/2010 campaigns/theaters.
* Fix for EA-6B Prowlers loading no weapon at all for SEAD Strike missions on a target without radar vehicle.
* Added Engineer units to Korea Iron Fortress campaign (requires campaign restart to take effect).
* Corrected some PAK names in Korea.
* Corrected some ship waypoints for better land avoidance (requires campaign restart to take effect).
* Tactical Engagement missions with altitudes set too high corrected.
* Reinstated news reports for Balkans campaigns.
* Better relocation in campaigns.
* Loadout improvements to J-22 and Tornado UK.
* Tactical Engagement Victory conditions can now use values up to 6 digits.
* F-4E/D aircraft should now have their wheels on the runway, and so no longer hover like harrier wannabes.
* MiG-29SM and Su-27SM are now available for SEAD Escorts and Strikes roles
* Command line -logfps added to record FPS logging to a file.
* Debriefs are being saved in a file "debrief.txt" in main folder.
* Raised cloud ceiling of overcast clouds, so they don't conflict with mountains.
* Fix bug where a ejected player with a communications window open would need to wait until the chute hit the ground before the sim could be left.


* Multi-controller capability added.
o Up to 16 different controllers supported.
o Buttons can be assigned to functions as desired.
o New User Interface screen.
* Fix for rudder keys not auto-centering when released.
* Force Feedback now applies Centering force.
* Cougar trigger detents fixed in the sample profiles.
* Digital TM fix for TMS button, RNG and ANT axis changed to analog.
* Additional keystrokes for pitbuilders added (seperate .key file).
* Saitek X45 profile: Changed Rotaries from using 'Bands' to 'Axis' for use with new Controller UI.
* Fixed errors in keystrokes file
o Removed duplicate entry for HUD Scales Type (Shift-Ctrl-Alt+H is no longer assigned, H key is the same)
o Removed duplicate entry for HUD Pitch Ladder (HUD FPM Shift-Ctrl-Alt+F was duplicate for Shift-Ctrl-Alt+P)
o Fixed function call for HOTAS DMS Right (Shift+NUM6)


* Manual addition included to document new controller interface.
* New key layouts included for a number of common keyboards.
* Tacref has had a few errors fixed.


* Improved FPS at airbases.
* Hardpoint changes to EA-6B so weapons are correctly shown.
* 1024 res 2D cockpit blk 40 HUD data field aligned in all views.
* 1024 res 2D cockpit MLU ECM XMIT lights fixed for all views.
* Cloud shadows lightened.
* Missing landing gear on some aircraft fixed.
* Updated missile burner effects.
* Shorter low smoke aim120 trail
* New CAF CF-18A Skins.
* Improved explosion effects.
* Support for 5:4 resolution display ratios (e.g. 1280x1024)
* Sky improvements
o blueish night blackened,
o increased light levels during the day,
o faster progression (dusk and dawn)


* Improvements to the handling characteristics of most of the F-16 variants.
* Improvements to the Mig29 flight model.
* J-22 and A-1H minor updates to performance and loadout.


* Improved positioning updates.
* Addressed issue of airbases in 3D occasionally not appearing for clients during missions
* Waypoint planning changes sent to all sessions in multiplayer.
* Fix an issue where changing waypoint times at one session in Multiplayer was not propagated to other sessions.
* Fix for password multiplayer window.
* Fixed the "security leak" on server password appearing in server list.
* Under specific conditions, the password window would not disappear - now fixed.
* On connection to an internet server, first check if patch version matches, then theater.
* For Multiplayer cheat protection, set vehicle magnification to 1x regardless of single player option.
* Improvements to multiplayer client expiry / timeout / removal logic.
* Removal of "ghost pilot" taking control after human pilot ejects (for single player too).
* Human flights should now ignore ECM/Smoke/Drop wingman commands unless they are in Combat AP.


* Further stability enhancements for Single Player, Multi Player, Tactical Engagement, Dogfight and Campaign, including
o CTD fixes
o Alt-tab during exit from 3-d
o A number of graphical errors caught.
o Crash when cancelling missions.
o Memory corruption when AI aircraft do ramp starts.

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