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'Nights Of War Songs' (NDS) Announced

by Rainier on Sept. 8, 2005 @ 9:04 a.m. PDT

Nights Of War Songs is an RTS game in false isometric view that gathers from the experience of all the most acclaimed PC RTS games of the last years, to deliver a new gaming experience. Instruments like a touch pad, dual screen, built in microphone support, and WiFi capabilities allow for such a game to be naturally developed on Nintendo DS.

Based on the REA world inspired by the Middle Ages, and drawing from the charm of old stories and beliefs of that historical period, mixed with new fantasy elements, proposes three races (The human Ishina empire de facto ruled by the clergy and inquisition, The Vampires, and a new race named "Vania"), to develop its unique story plot. The three races are as well thought to support multiplayer game both on Ad-hoc LAN games and WiFi Intrastructure mode internet gaming.

Here it is a small excerpt from the story line:

"On Rea world, a region exists where there is no peace, but only nights of fear. After about thirty years of silence, people almost forgot about night creatures and vampires old stories. Prosperous commerce with the northern people and the Vania population from the east had spread. After about thirty years, from the last big battle of humans against their worst enemies, the vampires legions, the nights are shacked again by the armies gathering to front an awaken enemy. Those are the nights where every child in the dark of their bedroom, can hear people singing war songs before the battles to survive. "

The game will provide all the expected modes from an RTS worth this classification:

  • Single Player Campaign
  • Multi Player LAN
  • Multi Player WIFI Internet
  • Skirmish
  • The Arenas

Where "The Arenas" are user maps, allowing gameplay variations to take place (Hero Wars, Turret Defence, Small GDRs).

The game is thought to provide a very large variety of options, to fully customize game interfaces and configurations to meet even the most exigent player needs.

The game, currently in a demo stage, is now looking for a publishing deal.

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