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'Xyanide' (Xbox) Nearing Completion - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 8, 2005 @ 10:51 p.m. PDT

It has been quite a while since old school shoot´em up games have been released on the Xbox, but now the long awaited Xyanide is ready to fire its rockets, laser beams, and smart bombs on hordes of challenging enemies.

The player takes over the role of Drake, a government executioner from the planet Mardar. Aboard a small fighting ship, his task is to guide the evil witch Aguira into the great maelstrom to be sure of her final judgment. But as an asteroid hits Aguira’s prison ship, chaos ensues – and Aguira tries to escape her fate by creating worlds filled with the fiercest creatures, enemies and evil manifestations of her imagination. You are the only one able to stop her and bring her to justice!

Xyanide is featuring:

  • Six huge, dynamic environments to fight through
  • Over 20 bonus items and ship enhancements with amazing full screen special effects
  • Over 100 different enemy waves to encounter
  • Mid- and end-boss encounters in each level
  • Unique mutation factors influences weapons fire, damage given and taken, and power-up effects
  • Diversified level design with many junctions, where player can choose directions
  • Five difficulty settings offer challenging gameplay for beginners and aces
  • Breathtaking Dolby Surround sound effects and soundtracks
  • Perfect playability due to use of both analog sticks

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