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PizzaDude: Special Delivery

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Team6 Game Studios
Developer: Team6 Game Studios

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'PizzaDude: Special Delivery' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2006 @ 9:19 a.m. PST

Uncle Francesco left Kevin and Kimberly because he cannot pay his bills anymore. Their poor uncle is ashamed of himself! There is only one chance to get their fat Uncle Francesco back: Earn loads of money, within 24 hours, with the pizza restaurant! Earning money requires a lot of work. After taking the order by phone, they have to prepare the order in the kitchen, by preparing all the pizza-ingredients (cheese, pepperoni, tomato, ananas, onions, etc, etc) and also prepare other extra orders (fries, soda, salad).

Get the PizzaDude: Special Delivery demo off WP (62mb)

PizzaDude by Team6 game studios - playable demo

- 1 Playable character and vehicle
- 2 Pizza's
- 2 Delivery locations

Demo Description:
Collect or prepare the ingredients(cheese, pepperoni, tomato, pineapple, onions, etc.) and get on your delivery-quad!
Deliver the pizza (before the pizza gets cold) to various customers in 'PizzaTown'!

Minimum requirements:
CPU: 1Ghz
Memory: 256 MB
Videocard: 2nd generation hardware TnL videocard:
Ati Radeon or Nvidia Geforce.
With latest drivers!
Harddisc: 200 MB free

Recommend requirements:
CPU: 1,5 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Videocard: Fast videocard, such as Radeon9600 or GeforceFX: With latest drivers!
Harddisc: 200 MB free


1. The story so far.
2. Controls and game
3. The pizza village
4. system requirements
5. Credits


On an early morning, Kevin and Kimberly find out that their uncle, Fransesco, is gone. He left behind a little note that told them that his restaurant, where he was
so fond of, is running bad for years. His deliveries are always late, and people won't pay when their pizza is cold. Uncle Fransesco can not pay his bills anymore,and that means that Kevin and Kimberly are not welcome at school anymore, as from tomorrow, because the school hasn't been paid (hooray!!) but also that their primary life needs such as water, gas, electricity and cableTV will be shut down! Uncle Fransesco also writes that he is not the right man to raise Kevin and Kimberly if he cannot even pay his own bills. How sad!

After reading this sad story, Kevin and Kimberly decide not to give up. If they only are able to sell enough pizza's in 24 hours, perhaps they can pay off the debts of Uncle Fransesco! (Note: But in this demo, only Kevin is selectable)


Start Menu
The first thing you see when running Pizzadude, is the main menu. If you select "new game", you will see Kevin and Kimberly on your screen. At this screen, you can select either Kevin or Kimberly to play with, by clicking at them. Keep in mind that Kimberly has an easier timelimit as Kevin, so she is easier to start the game with.

1 Preparing the order
Once arrived in the kitchen of the restaurant, customers will immediatly start to place their order by phone. You can pick up the phone by standing next to it and pressing "ENTER". All orders are different, since the customers can choose from many different ingredients on their pizza. Next to that the customer can order extra's, like (for example) some drinks or french fries. Pizzadude has to collent and prepare the right ingredients for the right pizza. Once you answered the phone and you have an order, these ingredients are showed in a list. Once you finished an ingredient (stand in front of an ingredient and press "ENTER" again), the ingredient will dissapear from your list. When everything is ready, pizzadude is ready to deliver the pizza!

2 Delivery of the Pizza
Once the pizza is ready, pizzadude is ready to leave the kitchen and deliver the order. Kevin has a supercharged quad, and Kimberly has a supercharged scooter. Kevin has spent many hours on in the garage to make them go this fast! You can use them by pressing ENTER nearby one of these vehicles. Both vehicles are equipped with a nitro-boost, something what comes in handy when delivering pizza's in no time! Driving to the location is all about speed, because if the pizza is delivered to late, the customer will get his pizza for free.

3 Cashing the money (this is where Uncle Fransesco fails)
Once Pizzadude has arrived on the location, he has leave his vehicle and walk the driveway. This does not always happen without problems: some people have an enormous driveway which is guarded by agressive, guarding dogs. And what can he do about this? Luckily Pizzadude works out pretty often, and therefore he can run fast and jump high. But.. sometimes it just looks like some customers make it hard to deliver a pizza on purpose, just to get their pizza for free..

Use the following keys and controls to play with Kevin and Kimberly:
Run: Left Mousebutton or Arrow Up.
Rotate: Mouse
Jump: Right Mousebutton or Keypad 1.
Dogshake: Mousebutton 3 or Keypad 0.
Use object: ENTER (can not be defined in controls menu)

Remaining (vehicle) controls:
Handbrake: Spacebar -Use the handbrake for special turns.
Nitro: Left CTRL -Nitro makes you go faster, but when it's all gone.. it will not return.
Respawn: R -Respawn can be used when you want to be placed on the road again.
Horn: H -Use if just for fun : )

Game goal:
The game is to earn as much money as possible. The faster you are, the more cash you will make. Once you fail, the game is over and your highscore (if any) will be visible in the highscore menu. Can you beat the Number1 ?

Game Tip:
Find secret coins for a nice money bonus!


Let's take a closer look at the village of our hero's.. "Bartee".

Bartee is a small but typical town in the country of Lohland. It has an old but still functional shopping mall, a nice harbour, smelly fish market and some large office structures. They have an annual "Bartee Night" and also a "Partee Funfair" on the 2nd of May. Citizens of Bartee can only live in two parts of the town: the North-East or South part of the town. These two parts are separated by a large canal which goes from the mountains to the harbour. The rich people live in the south part, and all other citizens live in the north-east.

Before you succesfully deliver the pizza you made, you must know where and why Uncle Fransesco failed.
These are his toughest customers, in order of difficulty:

The sailors from "The Navigator" NOT AVAILABLE IN DEMO
The sailors from "The Navigator" are always hungry for pizza's, but their captain hates the smell of pizza's. To make delivery impossible, he does not dock in the harbour but keeps distance. It will be very difficicult to get those sailors their pizza, but if you succeed.. you will earn a big bonus!

Crazy Joe lives on top of the Partee Peak, in his crappy house and with his noisy windmill. Crazy Joe thinks he is a real farmer, but everybody in Bartee knows that nothing will grow on rock.. ever. Sometimes Crazy Joe gets hungry and orders a pizza, but Uncle Fransesco never got past the broken ridge towards Crazy Joe's house: can you?

El Presidente.
Mr. Boll, also known as "El Presidente", lives in the most southern part of Bartee and is probably the richest man of Pizza Land. He owns various expensive cars, has a beatiful garden and owns a palace built in the late 19th century. Because of the size of his property, Uncle Fransesco was never able to find the front door of the palace..

The restaurant in the 'Partee hotel' is not just bad: Those little, green "healthy" meals they serve are a true nightmare! Many people who stay at the hotel order pizza, but the hotel management insist on customers eating in the hotel restaurant.. and therefore does not allowed Uncle Fransesco and his pizza's to enter the hotel.

Magic mike is a talented, deaf basketball player and does not like to be disturbed while excercising. Therefore he always exercises at the playground behind his house, and locks the gate after he enters. Uncle Fransesco never got past that gate and shouting "open that gate!!" at deaf Magic Mike never helped a bit.. Once you are past the gate, watch out for Magic Mike's angry dog.

When Nico asks for Pizza, watch out! His gas station is highly explosive because safety rules are unknown to Nico.. Uncle Fransesco will never forget the explosion that wrecked his 1920 "Original Pizza Vehicle" (OPV).

There are plenty other Pizza customers in Bartee, but none are as dangerous or difficult as the ones mentioned above. But remember.. the harder a delivery is, the greater the reward will be! Try to deliver all pizza's. Do not let Uncle Fransesco down. Proof you're a real pizzadude or pizzagirl !!


Minimum requirements:
CPU: 1Ghz
Memory: 256 MB
Videocard: 2nd generation hardware TnL videocard:
Ati Radeon or Nvidia Geforce.
Harddisc: 200 MB free

Recommend requirements:
CPU: 1,5 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Videocard: Fast videocard, such as Radeon9600 or GeforceFX
Harddisc: 200 MB free

Software requirements:
There are two important programs required to run this game:
1) You need to have "DirectX 9.0c" installed.
2) The latest video card drivers. If the game does not work on your system, you need to update your "videodrivers" from (if you have a Nvidia card) or from (if you have an Ati card). Note: Some video driver updates require to uninstall your old video card drivers before installing new ones: Please follow the exact instructions of your videocard supplier / manufacturer.

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