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'Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike' (Xbox) Downloadable Content - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2006 @ 10:45 a.m. PST

Ubisoft today announced that new downloadable content (DLC) for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike is now available for download via Xbox Live. This round of free content consists of a brand new map, 2 classic maps from GR2, 3 all-new game types, 7 new weapons and one new kit restriction.

Get the Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike DLC trailer (20mb)

One fresh new map is opened to players offering an all-new playable battlefield to Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike's list of locations.

  • Province
    • Province is a wooded night map with lots of natural cover and beautiful surroundings. Two separate villages create plenty of opportunities for intense, close-quarter battles and strategic use of squad tactics. In addition, a well-lit central location provides plenty of wooded cover for calculated and intense engagements.

Two classic maps return from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2, making their first appearance in Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike.

  • Battle
    • Battle is a classic single-player and multiplayer map from Ghost Recon 2. A creek in the middle separates the two sides of the map. Connecting these two sides is a bridge that provides structure for tactical and memorable encounters. Lots of wooded cover also creates great opportunities for sniping and guerrilla warfare.
  • Sand Mine
    • Sand Mine, a multiplayer map from Ghost Recon 2, was a fan favorite for concentrated and strategic encounters. This map consists of large piles of sand with small buildings and fences around the perimeter. This environment creates excellent sight lines that enable players to snipe from one sand pile to another. And lots of centrally placed industrial mining machines create great cover for intense, close-quarter battles.

Three new game types will allow players to change how they play their favorite Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike maps in exciting new ways.

  • Headhunter (Squad)
    • This game type is essentially an adversarial Firefight in which two teams battle a platoon of enemy soldiers in order to score points. Groups of enemy soldiers patrol the map in squads of two and three that players will have to eliminate. Each team will have three respawn zones.
  • Blind Siege (Squad)
    • This game type is an alternate version of the Siege and Double Siege game types that fans have been waiting for. Blind Siege randomizes the Siege Zone, so that for each match the zone is in one of 5 pre-selected areas. The attacking team will start off in one of the five other pre-selected zones. This ensures that the defending team won't know exactly where the attacking team is going to be assaulting from, keeping the action fresh. Also, it increases the tactical challenges as there are now different locations to defend each time a game is started.
  • Capture the Flag (Squad)
    • This game type is the tried and true Capture the Flag game, where each team has a flag on its base and has to capture the other team's flag while keeping possession of its own to score. If a player has the opposing team's flag and is killed, then they will drop the flag at the location of their death. Other members of the same team can pick the flag up and carry it back to their base, or the opposing team can touch its flag and have it immediately return to their base.

Seven new weapons are added to the Ghosts' cutting-edge arsenal.

  • M16 rifle
  • A2 SD
  • AUG
  • AUG/M203P
  • M1A SR

One kit restriction comes by way of direct request from the fans. This option allows players to further customize their online gaming experience.

Restrict the use of Lone Wolf and Launched Explosives in multiplayer modes.

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