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'Quake IV' - v1.0.5 Beta 2 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2006 @ 4:05 p.m. PST

id Software has released the an updated version of the first patch for Raven's FPS Quake 4. This v1.0.5 beta 2 patch fixes an issue where screenshots were turning out completely black, and an issue for server admins where running multiple instances of the dedicated server was not utilizing multiple CPUs effectively.

Get the Quake 4 v1.0.5 Win32 Beta 2 patch off WP (12mb)

This update is required for server admins as it addresses a server side internet game connection issue.

This update is recommended for users with dual core processors or Intel(r) Hyper-Threading technology.

Please note that in-game console commands are not supported by Activision(r).

This update for QUAKE 4 addresses issues found in both multiplayer and single player since the release of the game. A complete list of changes and additions is included below. For future updates and more information about the game, please visit the official game website at

This update contains the changes from updates and If you have not previously updated QUAKE 4, this update will bring your installation completely up to date. If you have previously installed the update, this update can be installed over the previous update without problems.

If you require additional QUAKE 4 technical support, please see the help system that is included with the game, or visit the official game website at


It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the QUAKE 4 directory be removed before installing this update. These modifications are not supported by Activision and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included in the patch.


We have created a follow-up beta patch ( which addresses 2 specific issues that have been reported by many of you. The two changes in are:

-Fixed an issue where screenshots were turning out completely black.
-Fixed an issue for server admins where running multiple instances of the dedicated server was not utilizing multiple CPUs effectively.


Internet Game Connectivity:
We have recently identified a problem with servers that are unoccupied for very long periods of time. The problem does not immediately manifest itself to the server admin but clients will have difficulty connecting to such servers. This update is required for all server admins and will not affect protocol consistency, pure server or Punkbuster functionality.

Performance Enhancement for dual core processors and Intel(r) Hyper-Threading technology:
This update enables Quake 4 to take advantage of the Hyper-Threading technology of Intel(r) Dual core processors. Players who have computer systems with this processor will notice significant performance gains in Quake 4. With the update, systems with a single core processor which uses the Hyper-Threading technology will have a performance jump of 25% compared to non Hyper-threaded processors. Dual core processors with Hyper-Threading technology will see a performance increase of up to 87%. In short, systems with this technology will see the game run much faster than ever before.

Test for number of processors (HT or Dual core):
To find out if you have Hyper-Threading enabled or a dual core system, you can check by performing the following steps:

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. If a window called "Windows Task Manager" does not appear, please click on the "Windows Task Manager" button.
2. When the window appears, click on the "Performance" tab.
3. There will be a section at the top of this window called "CPU Usage History." If you have HT or dual core on your machine, there should be two graphs side by side under the "CPU Usage History" label.
4. If those side-by-side graphs are not present and you believe that the system should have HT, it may not be enabled in the BIOS. For more information on how to enable HT in the BIOS, please consult any guides or manuals from your computer manufacturer.

How to enable the game to use the Hyper-Threading technology:
By default, the symmetric multiprocessing(SMP)-based acceleration (which is the feature that enables the performance increase) must be turned on in the console.

To do this, please follow these steps:
1. After the game loads, open the console by holding down Ctrl + Alt + Tilde(~).
A window should now pop down from the top of the screen.
2. At the prompt, type "r_useSMP 1" and press enter.
3. Close the console by pressing the Tilde(~) key.

Quake 4 will automatically detect the number of processors in your system and will not enable SMP if it does not find more than one processor. If you need to disable SMP at any time, open the console and type "r_useSMP 0" at the console and press enter. This will disable the SMP based acceleration.



  • Copied map files can now be overwritten/deleted without quitting first.
  • The console command "com_allowconsole" will stay set after leaving the game.


  • Improved Game Browser sorting and filtering:
    • You can sort by up to three criteria, which will be displayed just under the server list, with the more recently clicked criteria sorting first. For example, to sort by ping time, then number of players, then gametype, click them in the reverse order: Click "GAMETYPE," then "PLAYERS," then "PING." The server list will be sorted by the fastest ping, then the servers with the fewest players, then the gametype. Clicking a category more than once will keep its position as the primary sorting criteria, but will change the sorting order. After cycling through all available sort types, clicking the category a final time will remove it from the sorting.
    • Each criteria has specific behavior with one or two clicks, as listed:
      • Favorite Server: Display only favorites, or only non-favorites.
      • Password Enabled: Display only locked server, or only unlocked servers.
      • Dedicated Server: Display only Dedicated servers, or only Listen servers.
      • Punkbuster Enabled: Display only PB-enabled servers, or only PB- disabled servers.
      • Server Name: Sort server names A to Z, or Z to A.
      • Ping: Sort by ping Low to High, or High to Low.
      • Players: Sort by Players High to Low, High to Low (non-full), Low to High, or Low to High (non-empty).
      • Gametype: Sort by Deathmatch, Team DM, Tournament, CTF, or Arena CTF.
      • Map: Sort by map CTF1 to DM9, or DM9 to CTF1.
  • The Game Browser now displays more than 1000 servers.
  • Fixed a problem with the refresh time on the Game Browser.
  • Added a Game Browser filter for full or empty servers.
  • Players can now connect to a server while the Game Browser is refreshing.
  • Game Browser sorting will display the correct server information without the need to refresh the list.
  • Clicking anywhere on the scrollbar except the button itself will advance a page up or down instead of shifting to that position.
  • Non-full server sorting now disregards full servers.
  • Game Browser hover window updates when sort order is changed.
  • Fixed a Game Browser slowdown issue with high numbers of servers.
  • Added Game Browser server list scrolling with the mousewheel, keyboard arrows up/down, and keyboard Page Up/Page Down.
  • The Game Browser hover window will only appear when mousing over a highlighted server.
  • Sorting by server name will now ignore colored names, brackets, etc.


  • The dedicated server window will now be titled with the si_name setting instead of "Quake 4".

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