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'Over G' (PS2) - 20 New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 14, 2006 @ 1:14 a.m. PST

Taito's Over G is a jet-fighter simulator developed by the same company who did the Energy Air force. Over G has taken "the player is not the fighter, but the pilot" as the concept, attempts to simulate the G (Gravity) applied on the body of the pilot. Over G is scheduled for release in Japan on February 23.

In the beginning of the 21st century, after the “Mid-east War of 21st century”, which newly developed non-nuclear mass-destructive weapons took a great playact, mid-east countries has finally come under the administration of the United Nations. In the purpose of stopping that kind of destruction, the international consensus has radically turned to the antiwar direction, and an ideology of “making the earth in to a single community” has evolved. The world’s first concept of a “World Federation Country” has become a material topic.

UN and EU has claim their idea saying “can’t let the world and the human race head for the destruction by all the worthless national opposition”. USA, the international police, has also found it is impossible to ignore this fact. With the war-weary and antiwar movements going on inside the country, and the collapse of the administration of the war party and its president, a new party and its president, with the lemma of international coordination, has come to administrate the country.

With the purpose of “world reorganization and unification”, the UN has set up a “World Federation Instauration Council”. All the permanent members will have to select 20 directors from each continent.

After the establishment of the instauration council, the ultimate target of “building a unitary world federation country” has been set up. To serve this target, all kinds of system are set up gradually, and all the countries around the world are reorganized in to several “blocks”. The result is, the world has been divided into a community formed up by 8 country blocks.

Britain-America Block, EU Block, East Asia Block, China Block, India-Pakistan Block, Islam Block, Oceania Block and Africa Block.

After that, a higher organization above all the country blocks called “World Federation Senate” has been established. This senate is resemble in charge of dealing with global issues submitted by all the political blocks. All the selected country representatives are working together to carry out decisions of worldwide policies and guidelines.

There are still some opposing countries in the world at the same time. Some autarchic country, which has been defying the new world system, has been carrying out all kinds of opposing activities. This country has finally became a military county, and carried out the ultimate measurement.

This military country has mobilized all of their armed forces for a lightning war towards its neighbor countries. The UN that has been underestimating, has fallen into a undefended situation. Followed with that, a special detachment has directly captured the headquarter of the UN in New York, and put all the ballistic missiles which has been pointing towards all the major cities world-wide into launch preparation phase.

With the world crisis impending, “Energy Air force” (EAF), the only permanent force under the World Federation system, a “special guerilla” for keeping the safe and peace of the world, has revealed itself to the public.

The EAF, which is built up with all the top elites members selected from all around the world, has gathered with all their skills and picked equipments to defeat the ambition of the military country. EAF is a completely neutral force evolved from the original UN forces. US, UK and some powerful European countries has taken part in the establishment of this force. However, the incident happened after the prologue. All the “Anti-unification” forces are united and starting to trigger a total war.

Holding the wish of “Fight for the peace of the world”, EAF started to launch its attacks. Meanwhile, remnants from all the countries around the world are starting armed revolts. Their activities has resulted in all kinds of terrorist attacks in the major cities. Your mission is to fly around the world, and resolve all the situations.

Jet Fighters

  • F-14A : Appeared in the movie “Top gun” and “Final Countdown”, the F-14A got a nickname “Tom cat”. As a subsequence of F-4, this fighter is equipped with long-range AIM-54 air-to-air missiles. Works best with aerial defense purpose.
  • F-14B : Improved type of F-14A. The engine is changed due to the weakness on the thrust.
  • MiG-29 : The Russian fighter for competing with the F-15 by US. This fighter is smaller the Su-27 in dimension, and equipped with high thrust engine. The acceleration and maneuverability is very high. Max speed at Mach 2.3.
  • F-2A : Based upon American fighter F-16, this support fighter is developed in cooperation by US and Japan. The fighter is equipped with high thrust engine and long-range radar.
  • Su-27 : All-weather, long-range attacking fighter developed by ex-Soviet. The accelerating ability of this figher is capable of reaching Mach 2.3. The excellent aerodynamics design has brought extremely high maneuverability, even better than F-15.

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