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Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Graphic Simulations
Developer: Lead Pursuit

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'Falcon 4.0: Allied Force' - v1.0.5 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 16, 2006 @ 1:03 a.m. PST

Based on the legendary Falcon 4.0 F-16 combat flightsimulator, Allied Force features extensive improvements in all areas including artificial intelligence, graphics, multiplayer, terrain and of course the stunning real time, fully dynamic campaign engine. There is also a brand new theater of operation, the Balkans, in addition to revised campaigns for the Korean theater.

Get the Falcon 4.0: Allied Force v1.0.5 off WP (24mb)

v1.0.5 changes:

1.0.5 is a "cumulative" patch, therefore it contains all of the features and improvements of previous patches. It can be installed on top of either the CD "vanilla" install, or over v1.0.2 through to v1.0.4. If you have HiTilesAF installed, please use the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe to restore the original terrain, before installing 1.0.5 update. Thanks to our team of betatesters for their hard work examining the product update. The changelog for 1.0.5 is below:

Avionics / Weapons:

- Fix for Missile and Threat Volume knobs resetting
- Fix Maverick CAT Config bug
- Fix inconsistent HUD symbology for weapons
- Fix for CTD on maverick zoom with no mavericks loaded
- Fix for "ghost missile" on wing when firing final missile (possibly reason for buildings loaded on Hard points, and some CTDs)
- Fix Centerline Tank to be CAT_I config


- Fix for Mig-23 icon showing as Mig-21 icon
- Fix for Mig-29SM, Mig-21-93 and SU-33 turning into Mig-21
- Adjustments on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) roles so that Mig-21 aircraft get fewer CAP missions compared to stronger Mig-29


- 2D cockpit datfile 1024 block 40, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed
- 2D cockpit datfile 1024 MLU, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed

General Gameplay:

- Force Feedback re-enabled
- CTD on eject bug fixed for remaining issue in certain circumstances
- CTD fix for airtasking messages
- Fix to stop ACMI recording whenever any AI pilot ejected from the plane
- Fix issue where logbook for Viper callsign was being overwritten after patching
- Fix issue where the AS-30L flame model showed as a SU27


- Numerous improvements

v1.0.4 changes:

Version 1.0.4 be a comprehensive "patch" adding new functionality as well as fixing issues. Two examples include stunning new exhaust effects for missiles and a significant improvement to the Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC-A) feature. This update is as much an improvement to Allied Force as our previous patch and we hope our customers enjoy it as much as the team has during development. Here's the changelog for the v1.0.4:

Aircraft & Flight Models

- J-22 flight parameters updated.
- F-4SDK parameters adjusted.
- Loadout changes for mavericks with LAU-88.
- Hardpoint / weapons drag computation corrected for greater accuracy.
- Loadout changes on AGM-88 HARM. Two on 3/7 hardpoints only.
- Jaguar loadouts adjusted.
- More Tornado loadout changes.
- Flight models for the F-16A-MLU, F-16A-15, F-16C-25, F-16C-30, F-16C-32, F-16D-40, and F-16D-52 updated.
- Fix to load correct amount of external fuel for assymetric, multi-tank and unusual hardpoint filling.
- Make rudder inertia when going from full left to full right NWS rudder deflection again invariant of the game FPS.
- F-16, F-5, F-18D/F get smoke rockets added for FAC missions.
- New Dual-Seater F-16 model

Artificial Intelligence & General Improvements

- Rudder sensitivity toned down.
- Force Feedback effects should be back.
- Fix a bug with the FCRPowerOn / Off keystrokes.
- Instant Action should now have avionics properly configured when entering the pit.
- Repairtime lowered on small bridges.
- Adjustment to SA-6 radar acquire/track times.
- Stop the AI circling the target during ground attack.
- AI pilot ground avoidance improvements following a 'weapons free' instruction.
- Improvements to AI pilots receiving the RTB and Rejoin commands.
- Fix for active missiles losing lock prematurely.
- Fix for AI not firing air to air missiles after a bombing run.
- Addressed ATC violation when told to clear the runway after a valid landing.
- AI attack profile improved when flying low through a valley and the target is on top of a hill.
- Math fixes to some AI WVR routines for aircraft and helicopters.
- AI attempt to exit combat at Joker fuel level instead of Bingo.
- Improvements to AI pilot afterburner usage.
- Better TrackIR support in 2D pit. 2D pit panels are switched to using absolute TIR azimuth/elevation position.
- Using keyboard, mouse or POV in 2D pit to change view, will temporarily disable TIR view changes, until TIR is moved preset angle (70 deg) from last position, or until view is returned to the last view where TIR was used.
- 12 o'clock one-click down view is skipped over during TrackIR panning since it's too close to main view and would be too easy to change to it by accident. Using normal POV/keyboard panning you can still change to this view.
- In realistic mode, the padlock box is not displayed anymore, only the yellow rhombus depicting the next locked padlock object when switching.

Art & Textures

- Airbase tiling error fixed.
- Some objects lods fixed for various errors.
- Positional adjustments to missile burner placement to missile model.
- LAU-68 texture added.
- 2D cockpit kneemap for Balkan theater updated with roads, rivers and Tacandata.
- 2D cockpits Balkan theater reference views updated with rivers, roads and Tacandata.
- UI map of Balkan theater updated with roads, rivers and Tacandata.
- UI map of Korea theater was fixed for gap near the coast. (missing land).
- New animating flame exhausts for missiles


- Fix issue where the avionics could end up selecting an empty hardpoint when dropping LGB's and switching to another weapon in the meantime.
- Removed redundant AIM-9 missile reticle in A-A Mode.
- Fix selective Jettison Bug with Maveriks as selected weapon.
- Wingman display fix for the HSD.
- Cockpit switch error corrected.
- Missile and Threat Volume knobs fixed.
- Fixes to A-A weapon switching if different types of the same missile were loaded.
- If the last A-A missile of a certain type is fired, automatically switch to the next type.
- Changes to Reference symbol and AG MasterModes:
o When the radar is in an AG mode, display the reference symbol instead of the bullseye, regardless of the ICP selection.
o In A-A Modes and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows bearing and range from the current steerpoint to the cursors.
o In A-A STT Modes and with a locked target and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows range and bearing from the bugged target to the current steerpoint.
- Do not display the radar cursors with an STT Lock.
- Change to the RWR newguy sound. Instead of playing the 3 beeps, play 3 bursts of audio at the emitters PRF.


- More activity by teams in defensive and consolidation modes.
- Mission planning improvements.
- New modes added for Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC[A]) / Close Air Support (CAS) / Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI).
- Missile AIM 120-C5 added to 2005 / 2010 campaigns.

Configuration Options

- Setup options for intro movie, current player selection and Instant action scores are now stored in configoptions.cfg so they are not lost again during future patching, installing and uninstalling.
- Make sure to go over all of the Setup screen options once again after applying patch 3.


- FR Keyboard layout amended.

Forward Air Controller (Airborne) (FAC[A]) Changes

- On-Call CAS flights now check in with the FAC when the FAC is on station.
- CAS and BAI flights will look for an FAC in their package if they can't find a target within their patrol area. FAC can hand-off targets.
- FAC capable aircraft now carry marker rockets.
- FAC now launches white smoke marker rockets into the target area whenever it has aircraft checked in.
- FAC and AWACS radio calls now function if player voice option is turned off in the setup panel.
- CAS and BAI flights no longer look to engage ground targets en route to their assigned patrol area.
- FAC will continue to assign targets even if it has run out of rockets.
- FAC missions will no longer issue formation commands.


- A padlock box shifted up on some ground vehicles fixed.
- ACMI recording is now more precise in MP.
- ATC voices from the same tower should now be consistent in MP.
- Successive Request Takeoff commands should now be answered by ATC in MP.
- Instances of duplicate pilot entries in debriefs corrected in MP.
- Addressed issue of player flight lead influencing other player aircraft steerpoint.
- The AWACS user interface can now be accessed for Tactical Engagements as well.
- No long distance warps or ground crashes anymore when joining an already airborne flight.


- Several crashes fixed including
o Font drawing in the UI
o Force Feedback stick crashes
o MFD drawing while switching views
o Mission Evaluation post flight
o Occasionally when Radar mode change
o Multiplayer issues
o Some occasional terrain loading issues
o Sound playing while switching views
o Some more post ejection crashes.

User Interface

- Briefing layout adjusted for longer aircraft names.
- UI Music now loops correctly.
- When adding a package, deleting a created flight and readding a flight caused it not to be flyable.
- Fog slider values correctly displayed in TE editor, Instant Action and Dogfight.
- Setup option for using TrackIR in 2D pit views in Controllers section (only availabe if TrackIR is detected).

v1.0.3 changes:

This is a significant patch for Allied Force, introducing several new features such as multi-controller support and precision steerpoints using GPS co-ordinates for bombing runs. The patch improves every area of the simulation.


* ATC now responds correctly to "request landing number" radio calls.
* Fixed problem where ATC would occasionally identify itself wrongly.
* Training mission 09 Landing Final Approach wind direction has been changed to be correct.
* Request Landing radio call no longer adds the player's wingies to the ATC queue.
* CombatAP would use full afterburner forever, ignoring ATC instructions after a touch and go.
* ATC was not acknowledging the Abort Approach player radio call.
* ATC could sometimes clear the player immediately onto final approach even if they were at a high altitude. They now give vectors.
* Fix so that the correct tower responds correctly when the player is in Nav mode.


* Adjust altitude on AI climb-out to negotiate the mountains at Ivangrad.
* AI now ask for permission to attack ground targets if player has IP or target WP selected.
* Removed enemy ships too close to allied coastline.
* In specific instances, a 2D map flight unit could not change its heading until it reached the map border.
* You can now join a flight that has taken off from a runway which has been destroyed after the takeoff of this flight. Previously one was not able to join these flights.


* Precision steerpoints can now be entered into the ICP. This allows players who recon the target in the mission screen to enter precise attack co-ordinates and create a steerpoint on the HSD and HUD at that exact point.
* For a ground radar in STP mode, the cursor snaps to the entered precise steerpoint position.
* F1 key does not cycle ACM modes anymore. If in an ACM mode and pushing F1, the Radar returns to RWS mode.
* Trees removed from Air to Ground radar display.
* Bullseye mode now preserved between 3D and 2D.
* EPU is no longer switched on when you join a flight in the air.
* Allow external lights functions in simplified avionics.
* AIM-9 no longer warmed when the MasterArm is set to SAFE.
* MasterArm status no longer saved/restored in cockpit configuration.
* Correction to prevent going into ACM Modes in MRM mode.
* Fixed bug where the RWR could end up in an endless loop thinking a missile was launched.
* Fix bug where an empty Hardpoint would be selected after launching a HARM, then switching to an AA mode and back to HARM again.
* DTOS Box can only be slewed if the HUD is the SOI.
* Adjustment of how missile Rmax2 ranges gets calculated from Rmax1.
* The gear down indicator lights will now show correctly when gear is damaged.


* New data for 2005 and 2010 theaters (weapons and loadouts)
* 3D/2D damage changes: now scales per veh/weapon (M-60, T-80, T90, etc).
* Adjustments to sam firing and threat circles. Also they fire now at higher ranges according to altitude.
* Buildings cleared from runways and AAA / SAM units from structures.
* New F-16 CCIP versions for 2005/2010 campaigns/theaters.
* Fix for EA-6B Prowlers loading no weapon at all for SEAD Strike missions on a target without radar vehicle.
* Added Engineer units to Korea Iron Fortress campaign (requires campaign restart to take effect).
* Corrected some PAK names in Korea.
* Corrected some ship waypoints for better land avoidance (requires campaign restart to take effect).
* Tactical Engagement missions with altitudes set too high corrected.
* Reinstated news reports for Balkans campaigns.
* Better relocation in campaigns.
* Loadout improvements to J-22 and Tornado UK.
* Tactical Engagement Victory conditions can now use values up to 6 digits.
* F-4E/D aircraft should now have their wheels on the runway, and so no longer hover like harrier wannabes.
* MiG-29SM and Su-27SM are now available for SEAD Escorts and Strikes roles
* Command line -logfps added to record FPS logging to a file.
* Debriefs are being saved in a file "debrief.txt" in main folder.
* Raised cloud ceiling of overcast clouds, so they don't conflict with mountains.
* Fix bug where a ejected player with a communications window open would need to wait until the chute hit the ground before the sim could be left.


* Multi-controller capability added.
o Up to 16 different controllers supported.
o Buttons can be assigned to functions as desired.
o New User Interface screen.
* Fix for rudder keys not auto-centering when released.
* Force Feedback now applies Centering force.
* Cougar trigger detents fixed in the sample profiles.
* Digital TM fix for TMS button, RNG and ANT axis changed to analog.
* Additional keystrokes for pitbuilders added (seperate .key file).
* Saitek X45 profile: Changed Rotaries from using 'Bands' to 'Axis' for use with new Controller UI.
* Fixed errors in keystrokes file
o Removed duplicate entry for HUD Scales Type (Shift-Ctrl-Alt+H is no longer assigned, H key is the same)
o Removed duplicate entry for HUD Pitch Ladder (HUD FPM Shift-Ctrl-Alt+F was duplicate for Shift-Ctrl-Alt+P)
o Fixed function call for HOTAS DMS Right (Shift+NUM6)


* Manual addition included to document new controller interface.
* New key layouts included for a number of common keyboards.
* Tacref has had a few errors fixed.


* Improved FPS at airbases.
* Hardpoint changes to EA-6B so weapons are correctly shown.
* 1024 res 2D cockpit blk 40 HUD data field aligned in all views.
* 1024 res 2D cockpit MLU ECM XMIT lights fixed for all views.
* Cloud shadows lightened.
* Missing landing gear on some aircraft fixed.
* Updated missile burner effects.
* Shorter low smoke aim120 trail
* New CAF CF-18A Skins.
* Improved explosion effects.
* Support for 5:4 resolution display ratios (e.g. 1280x1024)
* Sky improvements
o blueish night blackened,
o increased light levels during the day,
o faster progression (dusk and dawn)


* Improvements to the handling characteristics of most of the F-16 variants.
* Improvements to the Mig29 flight model.
* J-22 and A-1H minor updates to performance and loadout.


* Improved positioning updates.
* Addressed issue of airbases in 3D occasionally not appearing for clients during missions
* Waypoint planning changes sent to all sessions in multiplayer.
* Fix an issue where changing waypoint times at one session in Multiplayer was not propagated to other sessions.
* Fix for password multiplayer window.
* Fixed the "security leak" on server password appearing in server list.
* Under specific conditions, the password window would not disappear - now fixed.
* On connection to an internet server, first check if patch version matches, then theater.
* For Multiplayer cheat protection, set vehicle magnification to 1x regardless of single player option.
* Improvements to multiplayer client expiry / timeout / removal logic.
* Removal of "ghost pilot" taking control after human pilot ejects (for single player too).
* Human flights should now ignore ECM/Smoke/Drop wingman commands unless they are in Combat AP.


* Further stability enhancements for Single Player, Multi Player, Tactical Engagement, Dogfight and Campaign, including
o CTD fixes
o Alt-tab during exit from 3-d
o A number of graphical errors caught.
o Crash when cancelling missions.
o Memory corruption when AI aircraft do ramp starts.

v1.0.2 changes:

- Large number of fixes for reported stability issues.
- Updates to 2D cockpits
o Aligning HUD in wideview blk 40 cockpit
o HSI instruments lighting in down view (panel 100)
o Graphics anomaly popping up when damaged in 11 oclock view in blk 40/50 pits
- Changes to allow the cockpit buttons more visibility at night.
- Some missing ATC fragments in the debrief list added.
- Remove the vehicle magnification option from the MP screen.
- Instruments lighting keystoke Shift-Ctrl-L fixed
- Reset Track IR keystroke added Alt-C, T
- Minor fix to formatting of connection speeds
- Correct weather help button test.
- Fix for airbase distance.
- Coordinates added to the recon screen.
- Some errors in the TACREF corrected.
- AAA batallion removed from training mission 19.
- Training mission 2 changed to allow for ramp starts.
- Fix for some TE editing crashes.
- Allow OSBs to step the weapons in HARM mode.
- Fix for loading log book patches.
- Glance forward/back now work with TrackIR enabled.
- Various Alt-Tab errors caught.
- A-G Radar preformance improved.
- Fix for OCA target missing crash.
- Fix for AI taxiing when changing steerpoint (ramp start).
- Fix for combat Autopilot requiring double toggle in some cases.
- Fix for ATC aborting players on final approach.
- Fix for helicopter getting killed after exiting 3-d.
- Remove spurious popups over airbases.
- Fixed problem of AI not firing mavericks in multiplayer.
- Landing help removed in dogfight and instant action.
- ATC introduce more time between landings if departing aircraft are late.
- Takeoff button now places you on the runway unless you are in a queue.
- Fix for AI ignoring certain ATC instructions.
- TrackIR no longer supported in 2-d cockpit
- Fix for switching missile types in dogfight mode.
- Fix for crash in simplified avionics with the R key.
- Fix HUD range readout when guns selected
- Allow rudder keyboard keys to work regardless of joystick controls.
- Fix for dark horizon strip when making large yaw movements.
- ACMI delete option now deletes the files.

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